My 20 Week Pregnancy Scan

My 20 Week Pregnancy Scan

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Honest Mum shares her 20 weeks scan photos

Yesterday was a memorable milestone of a day as Peter, my husband, and I attended my 20 week scan (I turned 21 weeks today) and we were able to see our baby girl again (we knew the sex as I had an NIPT/ Harmony test at 11 weeks), and most importantly learn that she’s a healthy and happy little baby (if her dancing, waving and cradling her face is anything to go by). It was such a touching, life-affirming experience, witnessing the miracle of life once more and this sweet daughter of ours up close. I feel so deeply grateful to be experiencing pregancy again.

The first trimester was a tricky time for me after I lost a baby late last year. Becoming pregnant quickly again after that devastating time was of course a blessing but it also heightened my anxiety and while therapy helped hugely, the worry was understandably acute throughout those first 3 months so yesterday marked a turning point as I could finally exhale.

My anxiety won’t fully disappear until the baby arrives but I’m thankful for this latest scan and the three more scheduled with my consultant over the coming months. As I had two previous C-sections, an emergency and an elective, I’ve been offered more scans, and opportunities to see my baby.

I’m hoping to book a 4D scan after I turn 28 weeks as I love the clarity and detail in the ones I’ve seen so I’ll share more pics, if I do. This is such a precious time I want to savior every minute!

Thank you all so much for your kind words on here and across my social platforms, you’ve all metaphorically held my hand throughout this pregnancy, and have helped me more than you will ever know,

Vicki x

20 week scan pics

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