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Top 10 low-carb and keto ice cream recipes

1. Low-carb cookie dough ice cream

For those who crave classics, you’ll love our recipe for low-carb cookie dough ice cream.

2. Keto vanilla ice cream

If you’re a classic vanilla fan, try this easy vanilla recipe. While very simple, this version is no ordinary vanilla. It is quite likely the creamiest keto ice cream you will ever try.

3. Keto mason jar ice cream

Don’t have an ice cream machine? Try our Mason jar ice cream. Parents and children both love this recipe. Not only does it yield a creamy, keto treat, but it keeps the kids busy shaking for at least five minutes.

4. Creamy dairy-free keto vanilla ice cream

If you’re keto and dairy-free, try this creamy dairy-free vanilla recipe. The creaminess comes from adding oil to the ice cream mixture for an extra satisfying treat.

5. Keto peppermint and mocha

We’ve got a peppermint mocha ice cream that’s not only perfect for summer but adds a festive touch to Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

6. Low-carb blueberry ice cream

Low-carb blueberry ice cream is bursting with flavor. The lemon and cardamom are an unexpected addition that will give your taste buds an extra treat.

7. Low-carb chocolate ice cream

This smooth and luscious chocolate ice cream is dairy-free and vegan-friendly. You can enjoy it within four hours.

8. Keto lemon ice cream

For a refreshing citrus-flavored ice cream, try our fresh and luscious keto lemon ice cream. The perfect keto recipe for summer.

9. Low-carb popsicles with berries and lime

Another alternative when you don’t have an ice cream maker is to use popsicle molds. Use our suggested lime and berry or create your own flavors depending on what seasonal fruit is available.

10. Low-carb frozen yogurt popsicles

Yogurt and heavy cream can be combined with frozen fruit to make truly decadent low-carb popsicles. This is a summertime treat everyone can love.


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