Five Reasons A Blog Fails To Be Successful – You Baby Me Mummy

Five Reasons A Blog Fails To Be Successful – You Baby Me Mummy


There are many more blogs around the world in existence than just a few years ago. The blogging industry has certainly boomed and is continuing to provide a lot of individuals with the opportunity to go full-time with their writing. It’s created out of passion and love for writing about certain topics or covering certain interests. Whatever it is that a blog covers, not every one is going to garner the same success. Some blogs fail in their ambitions to make money and others thrive. Here are five reasons a blog fails to be successful.

five reasons a blog fails to be successful

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The Design & Layout Is Poor

One of the big reasons why a blog doesn’t do well is that it’s not aesthetically pleasing. We’re all aware that visuals are something we love, whether it be images or video content. We love to see it because it can provide us with a lot of satisfaction to what we might have been after whether that’s to fulfil boredom or to simply engage with something on the internet. So when it comes to your blog, it needs to be visually appealing. If it’s too basic, it’s not likely to get much attention even if your content is great. The reason being is that we’ve come to expect a lot nowadays and average or below doesn’t tend to cut it.

With that being said, think about how you want to lay out your blog so that it looks interesting and that your audience will want to look at it. If you’ve not got a high-quality template or design, then consider getting one so that you hopefully bring more traffic to your webpage.

There’s No Consistency

Consistency is an important one because a lot of bloggers tend to start off well but then lose the motivation or simply don’t care enough to be consistent in their blogs. A lot of those looking at bloggers that are successful from the outside, tend to think it can be achieved quickly. However, in reality, a lot of those successful bloggers have taken years to get to the level of success they’re at now.

A lot of that has been likely achieved by being consistent in how much they post and when they post it. They’ve managed to establish their audience by giving them what they want when they want it. If there’s no consistency, then your audience aren’t likely going to be around when you hit that publish button.

It Lacks Quality Content

Quality content is essential for blog success because a below-average blog post will get clicked off or skim read. When it comes to providing blog content, go for quality over quantity. Yes it might look impressive to be posting several blog posts a week but if they’re all pretty poor in quality, then it’s not going to be as effective as posting perhaps one or two really high-quality posts. 

Posting too often can also lead to a burnout on your part, so it’s always good to go for quality when it comes to the content that you create not just through your blog but through any of your social media handles too.

Not Enough Time Spent On Your Audience

Have you spent enough time understanding who your audience are? Chances are, you haven’t. There’s a lot of data that can be gathered through your blog and social media handles. When you cross-promote them, you can get a lot of common data or perhaps completely different data altogether. It’s all about what type of content you cover and whether they’ll have the same audience types or different.

Consider what data you do have and what you might be lacking. Find ways of getting this data so that you can better understand who your audience are and what they want from your content.

You Have No Goals

What are your goals when it comes to blogging? Do you have hopes of taking it into a full-time career, setting yourself up with an address from and establishing your blog as a business? Are there any milestones you want to hit such as a million views on your blog or perhaps working with some of your all-time favourite brands? If you have no goals, then how do you expect to progress? It’s important to have them so that you can tick them off, creating more and hopefully driving further success as a result.

A blog can fail for many reasons but if you use these tips, you have better chances of finding success.

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