When School Anxiety Hits – The Oliver’s Madhouse

When School Anxiety Hits – The Oliver’s Madhouse


When School Anxiety Hits The Oliver\'s MadhouseWe have been super lucky with Joshua who when he started school loved every minute of it for the first term. 

A few weeks later he finally cracked and cried. It was like the realisation finally hit that school was every day!

Jacob started school in September and he practically skipped to school every single day. Then January hit.

Being classed as a key worker through lockdown 3 meant that my boys remained in school and to start with Jacob was happy about that.

Until the February half term.

Since half term Jacob has taken to not wanting to go to school. It is almost like he decided that since his friends had time off now he can too.

The first Friday of the new term we received a call from school at 10.30am saying he was beside himself with tears and could we pick him up.

When School Anxiety Hits The Oliver\'s MadhouseSo I hot footed it to school only to be greeted by Jacob with red puffy eyes but a beaming smile once he had seen me. I took him to the car and strapped him in and his response floored me.

“I am glad you came, I fancied a day off” ….

Yes, ladies and gents my kid had learnt to play the system.

I got him home where he requested the Xbox, tablet and food and the electronics were denied. After all if he can’t be at school he was not coming home to play computer games! 

We sat with him that night and discussed what happened and why and all we managed to get from him was that he had decided he wanted a day off.

Roll on the second week of term and with it full-blown tears all that week. With Jacob saying he wanted to go home. Thankfully the head teacher was around at school drop off to take him inside. Then it became less and less till a week ago where the tears had stopped but the anger emerged and he growled at me “I’m not going in” … he was made to go in. 

We have sat down with him numerous times to discuss why he doesn’t want to go into school and the responses have been mixed. Ranging from Boris (The Prime Minster) can’t make me. To him not liking letter time and he even asked if we could ask his teacher to let him on the scooters at letter time .. God loves a trier.

However, we think we now have the gist of it. 

Jacob just likes being outside and hates having to sit for any length of time. He is one of life’s doers and I think he is going to find sitting in class a challenge.

We seem to have got through a range of emotions from him regarding going into school from tears and temper tantrums to anger and frustration and now as of today there is a glimmer of acceptance.


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