chose to home educate tigerlillyquinn uk home education

chose to home educate tigerlillyquinn uk home education


I thought it might be helpful to write about why we chose to home educate both our children.
It’s been one week since we officially deregistered Mabli from school and made the choice to home educate her along with her big brother. Wilf has now been ‘homeschooled’ for six months although it feels like much longer because we started along this path last March when the world was plunged into lockdown.

If you’ve been following along for a while you will know the reasons we made to chose to home educate Wilf whilst he was attending year three in school. If you are a new reader you can find these posts here and here.

We felt (rightly or wrongly) at the time that as Mabli was in preschool and very much enjoying her time there, then we would be give reception year a good go. The reasoning if I’m honest mainly came from our then thinking that school was the first choice if it worked for her as well as knowing that reception year was mostly learning through play.

Clearly six months down the line on our decision to chose to home educate this now isn’t our thinking so I thought it might be helpful for others to see how we came to this decision.

I imagine that if we had not dipped our toes into this lifestyle at the start of last year we possible may never had considered home ed for either of our children.

Last year we saw Wilf flourish despite the effects of being in lockdown. Once we had quickly worked out that completing the tasks from school didn’t work for us and that instead using our own interests and passions as catalyst for real learning. Quite quickly we were asked if this could be an ongoing situation. Whilst at the time it felt like a momentous decision to be making I now look back and wonder that we didn’t see sooner how right this was for him and our family.

chose to home educate
chose to home educate tigerlillyquinn uk home education 14

That all being said we still felt that as reception would be a good fit for Mabli, we had the idea that she would at least see out this year if not the next as well before we made a similar decision.

It’s worth noting that she started the school after a long lockdown so we knew that the long week and days would feel a lot. As she wasn’t yet five (when you are legally meant to be registered either at school or home learning) we decided to start doing a flexi week. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know how hard she found this with long evenings of crying and screaming and emotionally breaking down. We also knew that starting school is pretty tiring for every child and felt we needed to give it a proper go at least for a few months.

Three months into school (Mon-Weds) she finally began to enjoy her time there. I would like to note that we truly loved the school and all the staff and knew they were working so hard to make her feel comfortable. However six weeks later we were placed in yet another lockdown.


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