How To Get Flawless Makeup: 8 Makeup Rules You Must Stop Breaking


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While many things contribute to achieving that elusive, flawless makeup look we all covet, there are a few essential rules that can significantly improve your chance for success. Today, for all the makeup beginners, newbies, and any beauty gal who’s struggling with perfecting her makeup, I’m going to touch on eight key ones to help you more easily get that look you desire!

Now, if any of these rules are new to you, don’t beat yourself up. Before I became a makeup artist, I didn’t know quite a few of these golden nuggets! But when we know better, we do better, right??

So without further ado, let’s establish some fundamentals, so we can quickly “up your makeup game”, shall we?!?

Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Flawless: Are You A Rule Breaker??

The smallest things can make a difference in your makeup, and for a flawless look, several things come into play, from application & techniques to the products you’re using to your choice of tools. Beauties, this is where knowing those makeup rules is a must!

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Unfortunately, many a gal (myself included) has unknowingly broken a cardinal makeup rule or two before. And odds are, if you’re reading this article, you likely have as well.

I remember I used to get so frustrated with my makeup; it wouldn’t necessarily last all day or look “Beyoncè-esque” and fabulous after a few hours. Some products would turn cakey on me, and others broke me out. I couldn’t seem to get the airbrushed, ultra-smooth & polished look I wanted. I was tired of feeling like a classic case of makeup’s “amateur hour” and wanted my makeup to look like it was done by a PRO.

Years later, after training in makeup artistry myself, I realized that generally, if your makeup doesn’t look flawless, it boils down to a few rules you’re breaking. Which brings me to today’s top 8, ladies!!

Now, while this list doesn’t cover everything, it will certainly get you off to a great start. And if you are dealing with that “cake factor” or struggling to get a smooth foundation look, I guarantee you’ll find these tips particularly useful!!

8 Essential Flawless Makeup Rules

woman with beautiful flawless makeup

RULE 1: Don’t Use Expired Makeup

When makeup products expire, you can’t expect the same kind of results from them. In addition to changes in texture & color that affect their overall appearance on your face, they no longer apply so well. Not to mention expired makeup can become a petri dish for bacteria. Yuck!! And this is especially the case for any product your fingers dip into or touch, as this just spreads those germs even faster.

Yes, it’s hard to throw out your favorites, but in the long run, it’s worth it, plus your skin will thank you!

ALWAYS toss if you see your liquids starting to separate, an obvious shift in the color, a different texture than it previously had, or you notice an odd odor. As a general guide, your powder products will usually last longer than your creams and liquids. Your mascara should be tossed around the 3 to 6-month mark and liquid eyeliner as well.

For even smooth coverage and an easier application process, you should really try to keep track of their expiration dates. Pay particular attention to when you open a product and jot that date down if you can. 

RULE 2: Stay On Top Of Your Brush Cleaning Game

It’s important to clean your brushes consistently. Your brushes collect product buildup, oil, dirt, bacteria, and even dead skin cells on their bristle with time. All of which can ultimately interfere with an even makeup application and smooth blending.

woman's hands cleaning makeup brushes

As a general standard and very basic guideline, you should aim for a deep cleaning once or twice a month, assuming you don’t have acne. Then also do some spray cleaning in between.

The brushes you use for liquids and cream makeup products like your foundation and concealer brushes need to be cleaned more often than those you use for powder products. It’s best to use spray cleaner after each use or after every other use with these.

RULE 3: Use The Right Foundation Color

Your foundation needs to match your skin color and undertone, as using the wrong shade can easily make your complexion look unnatural or even cakey. 

First, for your undertone, you need to determine if you are warm, cool, or neutral. 

  • Warm: Does your skin have a yellow, gold, or peach-like tone to it?
  • Cool: Do you have hints of blue, pink, or a reddish tone to your skin?
  • Neutral: If your skin has a mix of both warm and cool tones, consider yourself a lucky neutral! 🙂

When testing out colors, it’s best to apply them to your jawline. I suggest trying the three that you think are the closest to your skin tone this way. The one that seems to disappear into your skin is your best match. However, keep in mind that you may need to buy two shades and blend them for a more customized match.

womans skin with three differnet foundation colors

I highly recommend newbies try their foundation on, walk out of the store, and look at it in natural light. Allow a few minutes to pass as well, in case it’s from a brand whose foundations oxidize. If it oxidizes, it will darken after a few minutes, so you’ll need to give it time before you can expect to see the shade most accurately.

RULE 4: Learn To Perfect Your Base Before Your Features

The most crucial part to achieving any makeup look begins with perfecting your base. What this means is your first focus should always be on mastering your complexion makeup products before even thinking about improving your skills with eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, etc. You want to get better at foundation and concealer application before moving on to specific features. 

In fact, this rule is so incredibly important that it is a core part of The Ultimate Makeup Beginners & Beyond Bundle. Many women undervalue the importance of this step.  But truthfully, if you want a flawless look, the largest chunk of time in your makeup routine should be spent on it. 

I may spend anywhere from 60-70% of my time on base and corrective makeup with clients.  Why?  Because no matter how perfect the brows, eyeliner, or lips, the whole makeup look is spoiled if the complexion is off.

woman applying foundation makeup

PRO Tip: The goal is to hide & conceal anything that needs it while creating a smooth, even canvas (the face), so to speak, all while making your skin look natural. Then from that point, you go back and begin to bring the features out, creating depth and dimension to the face.

RULE 5: Less Is Often More

It’s best always to start light with your makeup products and build as needed. This is particularly important when it comes to foundation application. Applying too much foundation can lead to caking and give your face a rather heavy look. When you apply foundation, the goal is for your skin to still look like skin. You want to improve your complexion but certainly not go over the top.

This rule goes for your powder products as well. In fact, to ensure you don’t use too much, try tapping off excess powder from your brush before you start the application.

RULE 6: Use The Right Makeup Formulas

Liquids, powder, creams, and more!! So many options, right?? 

Well, if you want your skin to look flawless, you especially need to select the right formula when it comes to foundation & concealer. To select the right formula, you need to know your skin type. 

Is your skin dry, sensitive, acne-prone, or oily? Do you perhaps have combination skin? Always have this in mind before buying any ol’ foundation or concealer you see out there on the market. 

different types of foundation formulas

Some formulas work better with certain skin types by lasting longer (more staying power), not creating new skin issues (i.e., acne), and hiding particular problem areas far more effectively. Additionally, the right formula means you don’t have to worry about it looking cakey, greasy, patchy, emphasizing fine lines, or creasing…all things that certainly prevent a flawless look.

PRO Tip: Keep your skin in mind when looking at blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, & contour product formulas as well, particularly if you have acne-prone skin.

RULE 7: Change With The Seasons & As Your Skin Ages (Foundation & Concealer)

We’ve already established how important knowing your skin type is towards selecting your foundation and concealer formulas. Well, as the seasons change and as you age, your skin type changes along with its needs. 

Most people will notice that their skin becomes drier in the winter and as they age. What worked just fine 3 years ago may not be your best bet anymore. You may be due for a formula switch-up! 

And of course, the shade you use in the summertime is usually going to be darker, that is, unless you spend all your time indoors. So don’t forget when fall or winter rolls around, it’s time for a lighter shade!

woman applying her makeup

RULE 8: Use The Right Makeup Tools

If you want to improve your makeup skills for a flawless look, your brushes & tools play a major role and make a world of difference. You can have the best makeup products and try the best techniques, but in the end, your results will only look as good as what you’re using to apply your makeup (in other words, your brushes & tools).

So, to get closer to a smooth, flawless, finish invest in quality brushes. Brushes that are poor quality tend to shed often, have a shorter life span, leave noticeable streaks, and can make seamless blending a major struggle.

While you don’t want to spend a fortune on them necessarily, you also don’t want to compromise on their quality. So make sure you purchase your brushes from a reputable brand.

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

Keep in mind, brushes are designed with specific shapes (angled, vs. rounded, vs. flat, vs. tapered, etc.) and come in different sizes for the sole purpose of allowing you to strategically enhance different parts of your face and different features.

It’s important to use the right brush, based on its shape & size, created for the particular feature or area you are working on. You also want to take these two factors (shape & size) into consideration based on the look you are going for.  

Switch up the shape & size of the brush you’re using, and you can get a completely different type of application & result!! For example, a rounded brush with long, less dense bristles is more likely to give you a soft application & sheerer look.

Knowing about different types of brushes based on their shapes, sizes, and hair (natural vs. synthetic) can give any gal an advantage when doing her makeup and ensure she’s using the right tools for the look she wants.

This is one of the bonus lessons I teach in my makeup ebook, The Ultimate Makeup Beginners & Beyond Bundle. After starting with basic beginner makeup brushes, any woman who wants to take her skills to the next level can easily do so, as I break down every brush type and provide PRO makeup tips on how to use & apply with each.

Step Into The World Of Makeup…

I created this ebook for makeup beginners as well as women who may not consider themselves technically “beginners.” In fact, several of the Beauties who’ve used this guide have told me they’ve worn makeup for many years yet still love all the new tips and skills they’re learning, from brushes to product formula selection to application.

Some of the key things you’ll learn to help you get a flawless makeup look…

  • How to select concealer & foundation based on your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, combo, normal, or acne-prone).
  • Which concealer formula will work best for each type of skin problem or concern you have, whether it’s dark circles, pimples, discoloration (dark marks or age spots), fine lines, etc.
  • How to prepare your skin, so your makeup applies smoothly & evenly.
  • How to apply & perfect your base makeup.
  • How to keep track of your makeup expiration dates.

If you are ready to step into the world of makeup, improve your looks, and upgrade your makeup skills, you may click here to learn more about it!

8 Rules To Getting A Flawless Makeup Look~ The Wrap Up

Beauties, remember to pay attention to your expiration dates, keep those brushes clean, make sure you’re using the right tools & products, and you should be well on your way to that look you desire!! Just follow a few vital rules, and you should be good to go!! Feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you may have about getting a flawless makeup look! Would love to help you!!

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave a comment below. Stay beautifully empowered, ladies!!

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