Is It Time To Restyle Your… Home? – You Baby Me Mummy

Is It Time To Restyle Your… Home? – You Baby Me Mummy


When we think about upgrading our home, we probably know what we want and therefore are already looking at residential architects. Perhaps you have also been looking at interior designers. From here on out though, we must know what their role is and how it can benefit your home. 

is it time to restyle your home

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When renovating a house or buying an apartment, most of us will probably need professionals who can design the house in a way that is beautiful to the eye, comfortable to use, and relatively economical. Wait, this is where the problem begins – we say to ourselves, who needs an architect, who needs an interior designer? And this may be true in some renovations (or building houses), but it is not true in many cases – those who try to save on an architect’s expenses, find in the end that it is complicated, even impossible (depending on the renovation), and what seems “cheap” ends up “expensive”. Even interior designers, who were once a luxury for business owners and public institutions, are becoming more and more practical. So do not disqualify in advance. It has a cost, but it may be worth the expense.

The people who believe that your house or apartment will be suitable for you, comfortable for you, beautiful in your eyes, are the architect and interior designer and also an architectural practitioner. So what are the differences between them and what do they give us?

Architects study for years and are then go on to design almost anything related to homes. They can design the exterior appearance of the building, submit a construction plan and also the skeleton. Interior designers on the other hand are studying for a three- or four-year degree and it includes various training. The degree allows them to design interior spaces only but without home design. They are in fact, as it sounds, designers of the interior of the house. Sometimes there are certificates that provide specific training and not degrees. Practical architects are like small architects, they can design private homes and that is because the training is shorter. But there are also architects who deal with interior design.

Interior architects are an interesting hybrid. Because on the one hand only architects are allowed to present themselves as such, on the other hand they will not want to present themselves as interior architects, because their training allows much more.  

You need an architect 

Of course, when planning a new home, you need an architect. But if you got enough testimonials and if their work doesn’t catch your eye, you should be sure to delve deeper. You know the type of style you want; or if you don’t, a good architect will show you graphics and drawings to help you better see what could happen in the house and how the changes could be made. A lot of older houses need to be renovated to keep the warmth in and give more space and function; but an architect can also look to keep some of the traditional design in place.

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