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I love discovering beauty products that take into consideration healing vibrational frequencies. 

Perhaps you may recall my post about MAX & ME where I shared their studio cleansing practices to help produce the highest quality ingredients and products that best align within our bodies. 

Düsa & Kamen, based in Germany are offering just that with their rose quartz infused beauty products. They literally have cleansed and energy-charged rose quartz in each beauty bottle! 

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Rose quartz is the stone of emotional healing and often associated with high vibrational love frequency. Evidently, they vibrate at a frequency of 350Hz – it has been said that a high vibrational frequency of this power helps to “elevate and harmonize with the heart chakra” while helping to heal emotional wounds and find inner calmness.

When it comes to skincare, this is poignant for many of us as we navigate different skin conditions from acne, ageing, dryness, scars and so on. By understanding that rose quartz can intrinsically align our energies towards a place of unconditional love while being paired with natural and pure ingredients is a divine combination in our skincare and our healing process. It allows all these holistic benefits to penetrate our skin on a deep cellular level.

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I also really love that on their website they have many tips on how to self cleanse your own crystals, information on how and why minerals aid in our wellness and beauty practice and understanding how to choose the right crystals and minerals for you. 

Incorporating crystals into our daily practice is easy. Here are a few suggestions on how you can include these high vibrations into your life:

  • Add rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst to your water jug or bottle
  • Place selenite, tourmaline and clear quartz at your desk space to help balance wifi technology frequencies and balance your energy for a productive calm workspace
  • Place crystals in your bedroom near where you sleep or where you spend the most time to harness the energy throughout the day
  • Include a stone in your purse to go with you on your trips
  • Wear them in jewellery 
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On that note, beauties, I am excited to share a luxurious gift-set collaboration with Düsa & Kamen X INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN, where you can enter for two chances to win and receive this beauty + fashion bundle. This is an incredible raffle gift-set, valued over 260€. 

As you may have seen from my last post about the launch of INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN. They are crowdfunding for their first crystal + chakra infused, sustainable luxury clothing collection!

To enter all you need do is pledge 10€ through their crowdfunding campaign for two chances to win this luxurious rose quartz infused giftset, which directly supports the start of a sustainable female-owned business! 

For details on how to enter, click here!

Wishing you all the positive high vibrations!




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