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This is a special post for me, as I share the exciting developments of Annika Tibando (who has guest wrote and been featured in past posts) and who happens to be my longest friend, a sister to me. Annika recently started her own sustainable luxury clothing brand, INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN. To help get the company off the ground, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund for the development of her first clothing collection. I can personally say after all of our years of friendship, even a short stint working together for a luxury brand and quite simply watching her passion and persistence to achieve her goals in Fashion is inspiring. 

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Beyond organic beauty products and wellness practices, I truly believe in evolving our purchasing habits to sustainable clothing options. Today this is becoming more available at all price points. However it is tricky to know which companies are greenwashing their practices to lead us to believe it is more sustainable than it may in fact be. Transparency, accountability and communication is key. Which is why I am immensely proud and support the work Annika is doing in the development of her clothing label. 

Perhaps my favourite part about the brand is how Annika is incorporating the concepts of spirituality, a mindful practice, the chakras and crystals into the actual clothing designs! This is the sustainable luxury fashion we need!

Please take a moment to explore and support the development of INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN

Here is my interview with her,

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Annika: INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN is a universally identifying ready-to-wear collection focused on soft and structured tailoring, through the principles of women’s wear. Their styles weave esoteric fundamentals of healing crystals, chakras and the collective knowledge of the divine into grounded, minimalistic, cleverly cut, sensual and curious clothing. By building on foundation styles and designs that fluidly transition between seasons, to co-exist, elevate and evolve, they become beloved core essentials with impact in one’s wardrobe, where neither is exclusive of the other.

Kate: Can you share more about the esoteric concepts of the brand?

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Annika: The seven spiritual energy centres within the human body, known as the chakras are being integrated into the clothing with crystals and colour association along the energetic pathways. These details will be both exposed as adornments on the clothing and intrinsic details within the garment, known only to the wearer. Truly allowing the clothing to truly connect to your aura and inner alignment. 

Kate: Wow, talk about embodying a mindful life in every facet we interact and express ourselves in!

Annika: Yes! We want to create clothing that aligns with the individuals higher purpose while expressing themselves as individual unique points of attention.

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Kate: Can you share more about the meaning behind the brand name and the ethos of the company?

Annika: INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN was born of the philosophy that we are not citizens of one country, but rather of planet earth. Demonstrating that luxury is truly the thread of international craftsmanship made in the region it evolved, in order to honour and preserve the traditional techniques. This ethos penetrates every fibre of the company from the vision to the evolving design, concept and platform. Every citizen has a story, and so does every piece of textile and clothing.

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Kate: You’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign. What are your campaign goals?

Annika: Our goal is to crowdfund 18,000 € to start the development of INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN’s first clothing collection in January 2021. We will use this collection to promote and sell styles “Made-to-Order” direct to customers through our online platforms. All additional pledges raised beyond the goal, elevate INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN with a budget for an editorial campaign, marketing, and showroom/ trade show fees.

I started INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN with the goal to change the landscape of luxury fashion. I want to create a business built on high values that redefines what luxury means. Clothing produced from responsible textile suppliers and factory studios that uphold the highest environmental, social and ethical standards. Honest pricing! 

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Kate: What reward incentives are you offering pledges?

Annika: We have created incredible reward incentives to offer backers at different entry points. First off, all pledgers will be entered into our premium mailing list, which provides them with the first peak at our collections before they launch, the opportunity to place an order and have priority in production. Starting with pledges at 50euros, you receive 10% off your first order. From there we have handmade organic cotton and silk tie-dye bandanas paired with palo santo sticks to harmonize your sacred space. A personal favourite is with a pledge of 250 euros we offer our adjustable cross-body tote bag! 

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Our premium reward incentives starting at 1000 euros offer backers to choose + receive a piece from the collection, The Kit and  20% off your purchase first order. Lastly, our top tier reward is a custom bespoke style, designed and made especially for you. 

However, perhaps the biggest reward you can receive when pledging to INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN is knowing the ecological impact your pledges have on the environment, the local economy, and a sustainable supply chain within the fashion industry. All of our ways to participate in the campaign. 

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Kate: I am so proud of you Annika. INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN is the change we need in fashion and I am so excited to see you release this brand, vision and collection to the world.

For everyone reading, I encourage you to take a moment to see INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN’s crowdfunding campaign and help make this collection possible. 




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