Climbing Frame, Football And Inktober Our Weekly Photos – Week 41

Climbing Frame, Football And Inktober Our Weekly Photos – Week 41


Climbing Frame, Football And Inktober Our Weekly Photos – Week 41




Well, here we are, another week and another lot of different rules. We live in a COVID hot spot, so are part of the recently extended restrictions here in Scotland along with all the nationwide ones. Nothing has massively changed for us, except you have to double ask yourself what is covered before you head out the door. We aren’t going to the pub and haven’t really been out to many restaurants, so that is fine. But, we are missing having friends and family indoor and seeing friends and family, but it is what it is and hopefully, the thing will improve after the next few weeks. Yes, I am trying to stay optimistic here. I won’t mention stats or the news, as we all know how that is looking. How has your week been? My socially distanced, masked, hand sanitised after washing with many many soaps, a hug is here for you.

Since the last weekly post here is what we have been up to. Saturday saw us back watching football, well for me and Aria, the boys have been back. It was a dreich Saturday morning, but it wasn’t cold so that was good. Parents aren’t allowed to spectate until the current regulations, so we watched from up on a hill at a swing park I used to play when I was a child. Aria had great fun as you can see in the picture above, climbing the same climbing frames I did. Only, they don’t have concrete under them anymore. How did we service being 80’s kids? She loved playing in the park, even in the rain and I’m pretty sure she missed all of the football, but that smile tells it all. We arrived home drookit and dried off before lunch. And indoors kind of day and then we had a takeaway. Robert and I started to watch Line of Duty and the Sinner Season 3. I’m not taken by either yet, but Robert watches a lot of shows that I like, so fair is fair.

Sunday was one of those days that things just kept on happening. You know, the ones where you wish you’d stayed in bed and hid under the covers? Another online food order with loads being missed, thanks to panic buyers, so I had to make a trip to the supermarket too. Then a girl told Aria and the little kids Santa wasn’t real. Big drama, but we all chatted lots and that’s all sorted. It was just one of those things. One of the boys stood in a huge pile of dog poop going to the garage, so that was gross. Aria had gymnastics for the first time in real life rather than online and on her own and for two hours. It was a huge step and she made me promise I would sit in the car outside for the 2 hours. Which to be fair I did and did some writing. It was cold, but it was nice to just sit on my own for a bit and focus. I got a whole chapter done so that was good. I’m 4k into my new chapter book. Aria came out buzzing from gymnastics and loved it despite all the changes and regulations, so all was good. Came home to the boys all being at football and I had to clean up the lovely dog poop then sanitized everything in sight before bed.

Monday was a super busy day at work and I ended up working very late. I’ve not been doing my exercise bike for a few weeks with the migraines so hoping to get back to that, plus time seems to be getting away from me. Boys are back to full football training which means Robert is coaching 4 nights a week and it’s been quite a shock to the system for them all after being off for so long. As that’s not all they do, they also do other football training too, but they love it.

Tuesday was another busy day work-wise, kids are all in school and the Lakeland heated dryer arrived. I’ve been eyeing one of these for a while and put it in my basket about 10 times, trying to justify the cost when I have a tumble dryer, but having all the football kits, dry fit and lycra stuff that can’t be tumble dried is a nightmare. So, this might be my most favourite purchase next two my wee handheld hoover for all those pesky astro tuff pellets. I’ve not missed those I tell you. Now the astro pellet monster is starting to breed on my floors again. Anyway, the dryer is fabulous. Why did I wait so long?

Wednesday work and school, same old. More Lakeland dryer impressing. And I got some writing done in the evening which was good. I need to get on with this chapter book. I took Lucas to football and picked up Tyler from Robert when he swapped training. Got to chat to a lovely neighbour and the lockdown changes were announced for the next two weeks. Nothing two major and although the kids are off school next week, they are still going back. Here’s hoping we get some dry weather as nothing indoors is open.

Aria and I have been doing Inktober, well she’s just been enjoying drawing with me and it’s been lovely. If you follow me over on twitter there is this thing called Inktober, which has a list of prompts every day in October and I decided to join in. You can see a collage of some of my drawings. You know how I’m obsessed with those wee Nordic gnomes? Well, they seem to have crept into my drawings too. I’m very rusty, but I’ve been doing them quickly and it’s been really fun to do. Aria has come on leaps and bounds and the boys have had a go too. I have forgotten how much I just miss drawing. I thought I’d share them with you guys.

Thursday, work, school and checking out the Blogon schedule while doing their twitter for the weekend. I had the last workshop in the writing fantasy and magic workshops which were really good. It was fun and only an hour for 3 weeks, short, sharp and sweet. I was really tired in the evening and couldn’t focus on much. I did get a lovely surprise through the door from a wonderful writer friend I have gotten to know via twitter. Isn’t social media awesome? She sent me the lovely book above, that I had been eyeing up on her twitter chat. She’s the sweetest and it made my day.

And here we are on Friday. Work has been so busy this week, I am glad it’s the weekend. The weather is a bit dreich and Robert is stressing out about whether or not football matches should be played this weekend. It’s a wee shame, I feel for him. The kids finish up for the October half term. Not that we are doing much, we are only allowed essential travel out with our health board. But, that is ok. We are all well and still working from home. Hoping to visit a pumpkin patch at the weekend. And Blog on is tomorrow. Who else will I see online? I am also hoping to get some ginger wine essence to make some of that childhood favourite. Apparently, it’s a Scottish thing as Twitter told me yesterday.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe. Hugs.


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