Top Tips for Advancing Your Career During Maternity Leave – You Baby Me Mummy

Top Tips for Advancing Your Career During Maternity Leave – You Baby Me Mummy


Many people believe that having a child can leave you without any growth opportunities or that it can even spell the end of your career or your business venture. Although maternity leave should be a time that you focus on yourself and the coming baby, there are many ways that you can use maternity leave to boost your career and prepare yourself for new and exciting prospects on your return to the world of work or business. This article will cover some of the best steps that you can take to ensure that this precious time does not go to waste.

Head to Work 

Although heading to work may seem like the antithesis to taking time out on maternity leave, this is not the case. Instead, in the UK, you can spend 10 days of your maternity leave at work without losing your pay. You can use these to keep in touch with your employer and to ensure that your return to work is not as overwhelming as you might have thought at first. Heading to work during your maternity leave can help you to establish yourself as a vital employee within the company and can help you to keep up your skill level while you are away. You should also speak to your manager about any ideas that you have had for the improvement of their business. This may then give you the opportunity to be seen by your employer and given you more chance for a promotion on your return. 

Take a Qualification

Many new mums decide that they would like to start on a new career path or a business when their maternity leave ends, with motherhood giving them a new perspective on life. However, many parents realise that they do not have the required qualifications that they need to pursue their new career or business venture, meaning that they have to return to their old job. Not only does maternity leave give you time to look after your body and baby, but it can also provide you with ample time to take a qualification while you are away from work. There are a variety of courses that can help you to get promoted and stand out from other candidates when you are looking for a new career path. With online DNP nurse executive programs from Baylor University, you have the chance to prepare for leadership roles on a digital platform, from the comfort of your own home. By taking this qualification, you are revealing a new career path to becoming a nursing leader while also gaining the highest level of nursing, putting you one up on your colleagues. 

Start Your Own Business 

If you do not want to go back to the job that you dislike after maternity leave, now is the time to do something about it. Many mums decide that maternity leave is the perfect opportunity to start a business that they can pour all of their passion into. With the scope of the internet and e-commerce stores, it is easier than ever to run a business from the comfort of your own home. Not only this, but anyone is able to start a business, from nurses who want to become healthcare consultants to teachers who want to start running online lectures and one-to-one sessions. By setting your business up before your baby is born, you will be able to ensure that it is thriving throughout the first, stressful days of your child’s life. 

Apply Your Parenting Skills to Your Job

Although you might feel as if your skills have grown stagnant while you have been away from work, as a parent, you will constantly be learning new skills that you may never have tried before. For instance, most new parents will quickly have to learn communication and interpersonal skills, as well as empathy and problem-solving skills. You can apply many of these new talents to your career or a business idea, with many employers now even placing the value of soft and transferrable skills above the need for industry-specific skill requirements. Then, you will be able to create a great CV from scratch, which can then take the lead throughout your job search. 

Take the Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Many people have giant lists of skills that they want to be able to hone before they retire, whether these are playing the piano or learning to draw. There might be certain skills that you are lacking that are preventing you from getting your dream promotion or which are leaving you unable to create your dream business. However, there are many ways that you can access these skills throughout maternity leave. For instance, you might decide to learn new techniques off YouTube or from online blogs, and you might even be able to start up your own home projects that can allow you to thrive. 

Work from Home

One of the biggest worries for new moms is how maternity leave is going to affect their career, and this may leave many parents attempting to continue working or building their business throughout the duration of their pregnancy. In the 21st century, it is easier to continue working than you might expect, with most new mothers having the chance to work from home effectively. As well as speaking to your employer about getting the right remote working infrastructure, there are also many business ideas that you can operate from your back room. You should also consider how you are going to work without the distractions of motherhood, such as by creating a relaxing home office and by setting aside time to focus on your workload. 

Consider Coaching 

You might feel as if your ability to slip back into the workplace or to continue to help your business to thrive is incredibly difficult as a mother. However, before your baby is born, you should consider looking to hire a career advisor or finding a mentor who can help to instruct you about the new best steps to take. Many mentors will have been through the same experience as you and can help you to create individualised building blocks that can help you to continue to make money after your baby is born. If you are employed, you should consider asking your manager to pay for training or return-to-work courses that can help you to slot seamlessly back into the workplace. 

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