Birthday Cake, Autumn Skies And Gnomes Our Weekly Photos – Week 39 & 40

Birthday Cake, Autumn Skies And Gnomes Our Weekly Photos – Week 39 & 40


Birthday Cake, Autumn Skies And Gnomes Our Weekly Photos – Week 39 & 40

Birthday Cake



Birthday Gnomes

Oopsy, I missed another week. To be fair, I had a long weekend off work, the kids were off school, I have been feeling overwhelmed and been suffering from a persistent migraine. I figured it was ok to have the week off. Plus, it was my birthday so it was my birthday gift to myself. lol. Anyway, enough about me. How are you doing? Coping ok? We were back in local lockdown so no one can visit indoors, etc, but now all of Scotland is, so that’s how it is. Who knows where we will be next week, what this space! Sending air hugs your way and I am always here if you want to talk.

Well, it’s been a few week’s since my last weekly post so let’s get started. Saturday plagued by a migraine. My mum stopped by to chat at the front step. I went to the chemist and put some glitter tattoos on Aria and I and some kids in the street. All outdoors and I wore a mask.  You can see my own wee glitter tattoo above. It was a lovely day with some blue skies. Tyler had his first football match for a new team he is playing with just now, he is playing a year up age-wise to give him more of a challenge which he needed and getting to play with friends his own age, so that has been good for him. They won their friendly which was his first ever at 11’s. He’s skipped 9’s for now, but time will tell how it all plays out for him. In the evening Robert and I watched some tv and had a wee drink.

Sunday I did some writing, Tesco delivery and the kids were outside playing. Lucas has been suffering from his asthma which is the first for a while, so he took a little asthma attack which was the first he’d had in many years as his inhalers normally control it well. Tyler had football in the evening and Aria and I have been enjoying a lazy Sunday evening with no gymnastics.

Monday was an odd and busy day. Lucas’s asthma was playing up and took another asthma attack. We kept him off school. Getting it under control, but scary for him as he doesn’t remember the ones he used to take when he was younger. Robert has asthma too, so he helps him understand what it’s like. Work kept hitting us with problems. I watched a zoom agent event and Aria came up with every excuse imaginable not to go to bed. Got her into bed and Tyler made her laugh so much she kneed herself on the nose!

Tuesday was another day at work where things kept breaking or throwing curveballs in the world of IT, you know how you just get those days. And I was doing some software development which requires so much concentration which isn’t easy with a full-blown migraine. So I was back to looking like WIlly Wonka. The Jonny Depp one, not Gene Wilder one, with my migraine glasses on. Lucas was back at school and feeling much better. Aria had some friends from school playing outside with her and climbing trees and all sorts of crazy things they do.

Wednesday still unable to shift this migraine. Work was busy and more software development was done. Dinner, an early night and football for the boys.

Thursday I finished up work for the long weekend, the kids finished up school until Wednesday, so it was like an extra special Friday. I took part in an agent pitching event on twitter and got a like from an agent. Still not sent it yet, mind you. The migraine was still testing away and I’m starting to get so tired.

Ahhh Friday morning and no work telephones ringing or school drop-offs for us. I did the cleaning, washing and ironing out the way so we could just relax and enjoy the time off. I did, however, have lots of nightmare during the night and they are still with me even now. I can feel the sensation, shudders. I had a 121 with an agent as part of the Write Mentor writing conference which went well but was the polar opposite of the advice I received on Sunday. It’s so hard. After that, we all went to watch Lucas and Robert’s football team in their first match back in oh so long. It was a lovely evening and we stayed in the car to watch it, but it was good to see them play and do what they love.

Saturday so Aria get the writing bug and was furiously typing away on a laptop her very own book. How cute is that? And she’s been doing it all week too. She roped in Lucas to help her with the spelling. It made my heart melt. It was wow con writing conference, so I did a few more workshops on that and watched some panels. Tyler went to the cinema with some school friends, that was a strange experience getting them checked in and helping with track and trace and not being able to sit together, etc, but they enjoyed it. Lucas had another asthma attack in the evening after being outside playing football. I think the change in temperature triggered this one and now he is feeling quite sensitive to it. Keeping an eye on it. Robert and I finished Good Girls server and The Umbrella Academy series, boy I am going to miss watching until next time. I also finished How to get away with murder the other day. I will miss that show.

More wow con on Sunday with workshops, panels and another 121 with an agent. It went really well and she was super lovely. Very different to Friday, but she answered all the questions and queries I had which was lovely of her. My migraine was killing me in the afternoon so I did the unknown and went for a nap. My Tesco order arrived and no toilet roll. Seriously, people. I have 5 people living in this house, we need some toilet roll. I am guessing the panic buyers kicked in again. While the boys were out at football in the evening, Aria and I watched some Zombies 2. While I may have rested my eyes behind my migraine glasses. Shhh.

Do you see the blue sky above? It was one of those perfect autumn mornings of blue skies, frozen dew-covered grass and low lying sunshine. The trees are starting to change colour and the air smells fresh. My favourite kind of morning. Love autumn, don’t you?

Monday was my 43rd birthday, although I am not counting it as 2020 didn’t allow it to be a proper birthday, so I’ll be turning 43 next year instead. It was also our 13th wedding anniversary. It was different but nice. My mum and inlaws dropped off cards and gifts at the door. My mum got me a couple of Nordic gnomes which I am obsessed with. Aren’t they cute? No post due to the bank holiday meant some gifts and cards didn’t arrive until Tuesday. We couldn’t have our usual family birthday dinner, but we went out for a wee bite to eat, just the 5 of us. I delivered the cake to my sister in laws doorstep. Can’t have a birthday without cake. Do you like my chocolate cake Robert and the kids got me?

Tuesday was back to work for Robert and me. The kids were still off school and played outside or on their consoles. My headache still there, not quite as severe, but still there. It’s a bit like the migraine hangover now. My mum popped round to the front door and took the kids to the shop to get some lunch and sweets, which they enjoyed. The boys had 121 football training in the afternoon and Robert was working in Edinburgh. Back to school prep in the evening and football.

Wednesday Aria and I had fun opening a very cool toy called Present Pets which unboxes itself and took part in a twitter party. It’s been so long since I’ve done that and hardly review stuff anymore, but I knew Aria would love love love this. And she did. I had so much washing on Wednesday I’ve decided I need one of those Lakeland dryers, who has one? I have a tumble dryer, but with so many football kits that can’t go in, I’m running out of radiators. Aria made some friendship bracelets as you can see in the photo above. Robert also got me a ring for my birthday and anniversary which arrived today.

Thursday was a busy working day and I nipped out to meet a friend for lunch which was nice. Aria got a bracelet from her wee bestie of forever which was so cute. They are the sweetest wee pair. Gymnastics is starting back for her and that will mean I need to do some badge stitching at the weekend. Wish me luck she passed 4 badges during lockdown. Tyler had football and I did a fantasy and magic workshop via zoom in the evening. I thought about taking part in inktober where you have prompts and draw an inked picture for it. Watch this space over on twitter if I keep that up.

And here we are back to Friday. It’s another beautiful autumn morning. I spoke to the doctors and going to up my medication for my migraines and it’s almost the end fo the working day. We have a football match to watch tomorrow and someone is coming out to price some work on the house. I am not sure what I need, but everyone is well and I just need to catch up and I don’t know read for a bit. Speaking of reading, I am reading a murder, witch, cosy mystery book which is fun so far. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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