Present Pets Unboxing – Review

Present Pets Unboxing – Review


Present Pet Unboxing

#Disclaimer:- We were sent a Present Pet box for the purpose of this review. 

Have you met Present Pets? The awesome new interactive pet from SpinMaster than unboxes itself, yes, literally unboxes itself. It is soooo cool and so much fun. The kids will go crazy over it if they are anything like my little one. Released this October, we can’t wait to open. 

Present Pet Excitement

For those that don’t know much about unboxing or reveal toys, they come in a box and or outer packaging that then the child reveals the toy, in this case, Present Pet. You can’t choose what toy you want, which is why it’s a blind bag idea. It adds to the excitement and fun of opening something you have no idea what you are going to get. However, with this one, you can narrow it down a little. There are four different puppies to collect and two different box styles. The first is a pink bow box and the other is a purple bow box. I will explain more on that as we unbox.


Inside the first layer is an important envelope for the grown-ups. It has the instructions on how to unbox, but it is pretty self-explanatory, to be honest. It is very well signposted. But good to have an idea of what to do when your Present Pet does unbox.

Pull the Tag

The first thing to do is to remove the outer packaging. This is actually pretty fun and the child pulls a cardboard zip style around the perforated section and lifts out the two halves. It is simple and easy to do, so a little one would have no bother at all. Underneath you will have the exciting part, and yes, this toy really does unbox itself. I’ve never seen anything like it before. You want to pull the tag that says pull. You can’t miss it and it triggers the fun part.

Pink Present Pet Box

Now it is time to sit back, jump every time you think something is going to come out the box. I was an 80’s kid, of course, I’m thinking Mogwai, aren’t you? Thankfully, you can feed this one after midnight, but you might not want to get it wet. Electrical parts and all. The Present Pet puppy stars to rock the box and push out the perforated paw print holes to start to reveal who might be inside. It is impressive.

Present Pet Self Unboxing

You will soon hear your Present Pet start to bark and more holes appear in the box until the Present Pet puppy is ready to make its way into the world. The box moves about and it really does unbox itself without any help. I love that you get a little glimpse into what or who might be inside. The sides start to rip the more it rocks from side to side. The sides come completely apart and…….

Present Pet Princess

Out pops Present Pet Princess. Isn’t she the cutest? That was so much fun. Not only that she sings a little happy song as she unboxes that final push. She moves her wee legs about.


This is Princess from the Fancy Pups range which is the pink bow and pink box. The other pup is called Kweenie. Each Fancy pup has expressive eyes, they have floppy years and one pink floppy ear too, soft fur, and rose gold design on its paws, bow, ears and collar.  . The Glitter Pups are the purple bow and purple box puppies. They are Casey and Cocoa. Each Glitter pup has expressive eyes, a soft body, a rainbow bow and glitter design on its paws, ears and collar. All are super cute and we’d love to have any of them.

Remove from Packaging

Before you start playing with your Present Pet you want to discard the packaging. To do so, you want to move the little plastic bits that are holding the pups paws in place. Just slide them along to unlock and her feet come loose. You don’t need any of the packagings, so it can be discarded.

Present Pet Switch on

Once Princess is free you want to switch her on at the base of her foot. One of the best things about this toy is that it comes with its own batteries. How good is that? Nothing worse come Christmas morning and there are no batteries to be found for that must-have toy. It really does please me more than it should that it comes with batteries, it is such a pet hate of mine if they don’t even have short life ones.

Present Pet Collar

Every little detail on the Present Pets has been thought through from their soft fur to the cute details on his collar. It’s removable and looks great. Those big eyes are just adorable. Little Miss absolutely loved Princess even before we got the fun interactive bits.

Hugs Present Pet

There are lots to do with your Present Pets, to bond and play together. Each Present Pet features over 100 different sounds and actions. There are also many different modes. The first one is the Cuddle Mode. Why not give your new puppy a hug and she might make some kissy/licky noises, wag their tail in excitement and shuffle its paw. To activate this mode, tap the back of its head. Your Present Pet will respond instantly and start to interact.

Tummy Sensor

Next up, Excited Mode. This is a funny and cute mode. To activate, tickle Princess on her tummy. When activated she giggles, excited barks and flicks her legs to and fro. It is just the cutest.


Another fun mode is Bark Back Mode. To activate press the button on the back of her back a few times quickly. When in this mode, the Present Pet will listen to your voice and imitate your barks or bark back if you speak to her. She will do this 3 times before leaving this mode. This might have been Little Miss favourite mode and loved trying all different variants of barks. Too funny.

Present Pet Fun

Trick Mode was the next one we tried. To activate this, you need to press the back button and tap the head at the same time. It takes a few tries to get there, but once you have it, it’s easy enough to get. When we activated Princess, her trick was making different animals noises and a song too. Hearing a puppy meow and cluck like a chicken did have us giggling.

Bark Back

The last mode is Games Mode. This one is a little bit tricky and the instructions aren’t the clearest. To activate hold the back button and press it down until you hear it make a jingle noise. When it does that you have entered Games mode. This is where your puppy will bark and you have to copy it back. There are three different levels for this. It will make a sound when you have it correct. Then it carries on until you stop by pressing the back button again. It’s something a little different and I’d recommend this one for the older age range of the kids.


We’ve had a lot of fun playing with and learning all about Present Pets Princess over the last few days. Princess barks, snores, wags her tail and walks around. She looks the part and is well made. I am liking there are no little accessories to get lost with.

Playing Present Pet

It is just like a puppy toy that walks and barks, but the interaction goes that little bit further. The Present Pets has a sleep mode where they go into hibernation if they haven’t been played with for a while. Great for saving batteries and parents sanity as it can be quite loud.

Playing with Present Pet

Little Miss is really enjoying playing with the Present Pets and the fact it has over 100 sounds and actions, there is always something new to discover. Princess just looks at you with those big expressive eyes. We haven’t needed to change the batteries yet, but if you do, there is a screw compartment on her feet, which is handy to get into but does need 6 AA batteries. Thank goodness it comes with some.

Meeting Present Pets

Present Pets are the perfect Christmas gift for kids aged 5 and over. They are so much fun and there are loads of ways to play. The fact they unbox themselves gives it that huge WOW factor and that really did sell it for me. It actually does unbox. It looks great, well made and simple. My little one is 7 and she is a great age for all the different modes. The younger ones will have just as much fun, but maybe some difficulty with the games. At £59.99 it is pricey, but it does a lot. I do think this will be top of a lot of Christmas lists this year. Enjoy this unboxing Christmas morning and snap a quick photo of how excited your little one’s face looks.

Disclaimer:- We were sent a Present Pet box for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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