Sky, Batman and Comfy Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 38

Sky, Batman and Comfy Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 38


Sky, Batman and Comfy Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 38



How are you doing this week? How is mental health? The news is a bit worrying again, isn’t it? We are back into local lockdown here, being part of one of the places with the spikes. Nothing much changed other than people can’t meet indoors or outside and we are all in the 6 groups, so that makes things harder. Limiting outdoor play for Aria hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve struggled a bit with migraines again this week and don’t feel my best mentally, but all in all, things are good and we are healthy, so that is the main thing. What about you guys? Sending my air hugs your way. And I am here if you guys ever want someone to talk to. Do DM me on twitter, FB or email, whatever you feel comfortable with. The listening ear is there.

So we have we been up to since I finished last week’s weekly post well, a few hours after typing, we went into local lockdown in North and South Lanarkshire. They are big areas and it will affect a lot of people. I really hope it helps. I think we have another week and it gets reviewed. Saturday saw it pour with rain most of the day. Didn’t stop Aria going out to play and even jumping on a trampoline. She cam in drenched, but happy, so that was good. Lucas had stayed over a friend the night before so that was lucky before lockdown. He’d been out playing football so he was happy. Tyler was chatting away with his classmates on Facetime, it is very fun to hear them all chat on the odd time you pass his room. It was a lazy day and evening with jammies on, a Chinese and some tv for Robert and I. No new shows this week, still watched The Umbrella Academy, The Prodigal Son and Good Girls. Thrown in with some Schitt’s Creek to lighten the evenings viewing.

Sunday we went shopping to get some art supplies for me, very exciting, some super skinny jeans for Tyler and Aria had wanted to get some clothes for Parker. Her doll, who also has to wear a mask when out shopping. He got a couple of teeny tiny outfits from Primark and was happy with that. He is the best-dressed doll in the place. The cat as you can see has taken up residence on my office chair and it’s a fight to get it back. She does look so cute and comfy.

Monday was a busy working day and Robert has been in Edinburgh working most of the week, so it’s been quite quiet in my wee home office space. We got Aria one of those GPS watches, but not quite sure it’s working right and when she walked a friend home, well we were a bit confused as to where she went and it was the longest 5 minutes in the twilight moment of my life. Thankfully all was well. But, boy did I feel like I needed a drink to calm those nerves.

Tuesday was working, but working from home means I can get the washing done too, so I did that too. It was a nice day and I got a nice photo at the top of the hill after walking the kids all home. It is such a nice view up there. Plus with the darker nights coming in, I get to see more pretty skies. I’ve been so lax in taking photos recently and still struggling to post on Instagram. I’ve really struggled with social media recently. I watched an editing masterclass in the evening, but not sure keen on it. The boys were both at football. Lucas helping Robert out with coaching.

Wednesday another working day on my own. I put The Duchess on in the background for some noise, the language is a tad colourful in it shall we say. Looks good though. I did my Illustration workshop in the evening which was great fun. It was batman this week and we learned about mixing different mediums and it was really enjoyable. I am still rubbish, but it is fun to do. You can see my piece above.

Thursday was busy with work and I had a really bad migraine, felt awful. Really struggled with work and did nothing productive or useful in the evening. Fell asleep and woke up with Robert coming to bed and thought it was time to get up for work. That was how my day was going.

And hooray for Friday. Migraine still lingering, but hopefully doesn’t go full-blown like yesterdays. I’ve not had them as bad since I’ve had all the preventative medicine, but this week seems to haven’t been great. Feel like I’ve fallen behind and not been productive and things aren’t right, but well, we all feel this way at times. Here’s to a calmer weekend. What are your plans?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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