Busy, Cat, Chair And Illustrating Our Weekly Photos – Week 36 & 37

Busy, Cat, Chair And Illustrating Our Weekly Photos – Week 36 & 37


Little Miss

Busy, Cat, Chair And Illustrating Our Weekly Photos – Week 36 & 37




Kick Ass Fairy

Hello all, sorry I missed doing a post last week, I just didn’t have the time and everything just kept getting busier. Did you miss me? I missed reading everyone else’s post so I caught up and I am sending you all an extra big virtual hug since the news isn’t sounding too great. How is the new procedures and back to school treating you all? We are down to the 6 max up here too as of yesterday, just in time for my birthday. Ahh well, virtual party it is. School is still going ok here so far. And the mask-wearing in high school seems to be going ok from what I gather. What about you guys? HUUUUUUGGG

Since our last weekly post two week’s ago here’s what we have been up to. On Saturday Aria spent her time outdoors, digging in the dirt, climbing trees and running around just like kids playing outdoors should. Granted, I may stop her inside the front door before she trails the mud and grass all over the house, but she had fun none the less. The council have been out and cut the grass on the communal parts of the street, so all the kids of the street and especially our house are loving this. They didn’t rake said really long grass so lots of jumping and building of grass hills. It has been great to watch. I did some writing and in the evening our usual take away and tv watching was done. We were very disappointed in the Blacklist season finale, anyone else watched it? I know it was done that way due to lockdown, but not sure it was better than leaving it until next season. Thoughts?

Sunday my Mum and John came over to visit. John cut our grass which was lovely of him. The kids were outside playing and Aria had some gymnastics via zoom in the evening. Tyler is back to playing at the Rangers Elite centre football, so he is loving that and Robert is adjusting to the new regulations.

Monday saw another visit from my Mum who came over to do some painting of the decking I hadn’t got around to doing. In the different colour of the paint. I think she is bored, but it is really nice of her to do it. Who am I to say no to that? I was busy with work and the kids were at school. It was a nice day and Aria enjoyed playing with some school friends now she’s a wee bit older and can venture a bit further. Monday’s are always so busy that I am knackered come the evening.

Tuesday was another working and school day. My mum was joined by her partner and they both did a great job of finishing the decking painting and taking down the swing chair they had kindly donated to me many years ago that has broke and rusted. Now, if the council would just open up its uplifts that would be good. Aria was so busy playing out with friends and I was so late working and the boys were at football with Robert, that I totally forgot about gymnastics. Oops.

Wednesday was a pouring wet day. That’s what happens after you get the garden done, I jinxed it, sorry. In the evening Robert had a football coaching course to further where he is with it and I did another illustration workshop while the boys were at football. This week it was a kickass fairy. Now, you can see above, this is not my best work. But, I haven’t done any art since my school days really. It has been nice to get back into working those different parts of the brain. I hate the eyes on the fairy as it’s supposed to be sunglasses and I got it all wrong, but I gave it a try and it was really good fun to do. That’s the main thing right?

It was a busy day at work on Thursday and I was tried. Robert kept commenting on the fact that I kept nicking his office chair every time he left his desk. He was the sensible one that brought his office chair home a week or so into lockdown. I persevered on a wee chair, then the kitchen table chair thinking we’d be back in the office soon. Plus it would take up so much more room in the living room. After all this time, Robert was in the office and brought home my chair. Yes, it takes up too much room in the living room, but my back and my wee butt are forever grateful. Thank you, hubby. You can see the picture above of my wee working space and a giant chair. Twilight loves it too. I did some exercise bike in the evening The kids had a few week sniffles and sore throats, but nothing major and there are so many bugs like we all have this time of year. Lucas had a bit of a headache and went to bed early.

Friday morning saw a tried household, with the exception of Tyler. Aria had been up with nightmares throughout the night and poor Lucas was breaking his heart missing his Gran. It was such a wee shame. He must have been thinking of it and it all caught up with him. You really don’t know when and how grief will affect the kids, this was his time. Work was busy and the kids were at school. In the evening, lots of fun playing in the grass as the rest of it got cut and we watched the Blackpool Illuminations live on youtube which was interesting. Different, but it was nice to watch.

I took the boys to get their haircut on Saturday while Robert was working through in Edinburgh. They always look so smart and grownup with their haircuts. They all got some trading cards from the shop, football ones and Fortnite, so that kept them busy for a bit as a wee treat. We got some sweets as a treat for after dinner. I got a lovely bounty, not had one in ages. It was nice. Robert and I had a takeaway, watched some Good Girls, Umbrella Academy, The Prodigal Son and Schitt’s Creek. All very good and different. It is the only day I’ve watched tv this week.

Sunday saw us getting Lucas’s foot looked at, he’s been having some issues for a few days. Thankfully it was ok and muscular, but he was in a fair amount of pain. Didn’t stop him going out to play football mind you. Aria and her wee friend had a nice picnic lunch outside I made them since it was dry, cold, but dry. Football and gymnastics in the evening. I got some writing done and another chapter in my chapter book written.

Like I’ve said many times, Monday’s are so busy at work and I’m just knackered in the evening. It is such a dark day too. Football and gymnastics in the evening. I caught the photo of Twilight outdoors, the green makes her black coat stand out in the light. She never goes further than our path but has been known to chase a butterfly. She doesn’t like being outdoors but likes the idea of it I think.

Tuesday was working and school. School is going well for the kids and they all seem to be enjoying the most part. Tyler has settled in well at high school and really like it. So that is a relief. For me, it was getting the washing done, work and exercise bike. Also, the kids were asking me about the squirrel on the fence. They seemed to think it had died because its tail was over its head in the above photo. I captured it and wondered at what point they came to that conclusion and not that it was sleeping? Such a worry.

Another work, school and football day on Wednesday. I had the biggest spot known to man on my forehead that Aria was thinking would grow a unicorn horn. I didn’t unfortunately, but it was nice for her to point that out to everyone. Thankfully, it’s almost away now. Stress, does that to you, right?

Thursday, I’d been having some stomach cramps and have been trying to deal with some health stuff. Robert and I picked up lunch from outside the house which was a nice wee change. Wearing masks still feels weird, but definitely something we need to do. Work was busy and in the evening I curled up with a hot water bottle, a light read book and a warm drink. Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself, but come on ladies that’s allowed, we all feel that way at times, don’t we?

Thank goodness for Friday, it’s been a long and busy week. I think the kids are feeling it too. Trying to get our heads around the ever-changing regulations and it is a worry seeing the infection rate news, but it is to be expected now we are back at school and out a bit more. He is hoping things calm down. Robert is working some of the weekend and I am hoping to get some writing done. Hoping to watch Zombies 2 with Aria and do some reading with her. The boys I think are looking forward to some game console time. I am looking forward to no work phones ringing, emails pinging and the cleaning is done.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and haven’t fallen asleep after reading that. Hugs x


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