Hair And Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 35

Hair And Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 35


Hair And Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 35

Long Hair

Cat Staring

How is your week going? It’s been a bit of a getting used to the school routines and as ever, changes to the new rules and regulations surrounding the pandemic. As from Monday, the boys will have to wear masks in the communal areas of high school. No real biggie, but lots of kids being sent home with colds, etc. It’s hard really to tell. Nothing happened with mine so far, but it’s coming into autumn, bugs are common. Time will tell. Always have my air hug ready for you. Hug.

Since our last weekly post here’s what we have been up to. The pictures above, are from a few weeks ago with Aria with her hair before she got it cut and one from last week with her haircut. Isn’t it lovely? She asked for that length herself, so who am I to argue. It is her hair. I just love the colour of it. She looks so grown up and different, even though the pictures are a week apart. The other one is a quick and luck snap of Twilight against the wooden kitchen cupboard and good light. I thought I’d share.

Last Saturday the weather was a bit of a mixed bag, still, no painting getting finished outdoors. I made a start on writing a chapter book to keep me occupied. It’s actually really difficult to get into writing something new after editing for so long. I hope once I get the first chapter finished the rest will flow a bit easier. Aria was having a great time playing with her wee friend outside, playing dolls and hide and seek. We had a takeaway and watched Prodigal Son, Blacklist, Umbrella Academy and Good Girls. It was a good tv show watching evening.

Sunday was a wet and miserable day weather-wise. Robert and Lucas’ football team had some training. My mum and the dog stopped by. Aria went out for a walk with a friends dog and she had her gymnastics via zoom. It was also a very dear friend of mine’s anniversary of the birth and death, stillborn baby. There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about this little girl. The whole family mean the world to me and she will always be remembered.

It was a super busy working day Monday and I never got a chance to catch up. Next thing I know it’s time to pick up the kids from school, back and back to work. In the evening the boys had 121 training, Aria had gymnastics and I ended up doing ironing for the first time in many years. Now, it’s not that we don’t iron, but it is that I’m not allowed to iron as I’m so clumsy and it usually results in a trip to A&E. To be honest, having someone else do it, suits me fine, but there was no one this week so I had to do it and well…. it wasn’t that bad and no A&E trip was required. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Another busy working day and school day Tuesday. It was so cold that I had to put the heating on. Brrr. We were on a yellow weather warning for flooding too, but that didn’t come to much. In the evening Aria had gymnastics and both boys had football. Aria found a sound she loved as a toddler, I don’t care and put in on repeat on Alexa. She danced around the room many times and had me join in. She then did a work out with Santa and caught up on North Pole news. I am not sure that I can cope with that every day between now and December, but it was a wet evening and no going out to play.

School wise it’s going ok, different changes like I said and I think the colds and symptoms that go with it are proving difficult for the schools to distinguish when a child should get sent home, but it’s all new and they can only do their best. Wednesday saw a lot of rain. Our road was flooded and Robert spent some time clearing the drains which helped. In the evening I did my exercise bike and did some writing sprints which helped with some writing friends on twitter.

I’ve kind off felt that I’ve not achieved or done much this week, I’ve been feeling a bit off. Thursday saw some news I wasn’t expecting health-wise. Time will tell. It’s been nice working from home and being able to pick the kids up from school. Albeit I’m rushing back to my desk, it does give me a chance for that hug at the school gate. Not by the big kids of course, and hear all about their days. Fortnite had an update, which seemed to be a big thing and lots of chatting was going on in the house about that. Tyler was at football and Robert had a football meeting via zoom. I went to my bed in the evening and read for a bit. I didn’t sleep well at all and had lots of nightmares. I woke up on Friday morning feeling quite off.

I don’t feel myself today, Friday and don’t feel I sound myself here, so please bear with me. I think it’s been quite overwhelming being back to school and everything else starting to get back to normal and after so long it’s quite a shock. I hope to give myself a shake and relax for a bit after work. Maybe do some writing this evening. We will see what the weekend brings. I feel like there is more to tell you, but I can’t think of anything right now.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I’d love to know what you are reading?


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