Lunchtime Baby Annabell Doll – Review

Lunchtime Baby Annabell Doll – Review


Baby Annabell Lunchtime

Disclaimer:- This Doll was gifted to us for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Little Miss is a big fan of baby dolls and absolutely loves the whole range of Baby Annabell dolls. She is at a great age where she can really interact with them and can often be seen out playing with friends on the street with their dolls too. All roleplaying their little family lives. When a new Baby Annabell doll came out called Lunch Time Annabell, I knew Little Miss would love it.

Lunchtime Baby Annabell Doll – Review

Lunch Time Annabell is a lifesize like the size of the baby doll at 43cm. She is a good weight and is a harder bodied style doll due to the functions she can perform. She is very much lifelike with all she can do. This particular Baby Annabell doll comes with trousers, top, hat and bib in the way of clothing. For accessories, she has a plate, spoon, food box, potty, play food chips, poo chips and stickers. All in line with the Baby Annabell band and markings. They are super cute.

Lunchtime Food

Upon opening the box, you will want to put the little food stickers onto the chips. It is an interesting way of creating doll play food. Certainly not something I’d recommend for under 5’s to be honest. Unless you know they won’t put them in their mouths. They are small and not magnetic, but still. I love the fact that there is a little apple style box to keep them safe and I liked the at it had different food stickers so you can talk about eating mixed foods and what baby is eating. It is a great way to add to the pretend play.

Back of Lunchtime Baby Annabell

Before you start to feed Lunchtime Baby Annabell, you want to open her at the back. This will allow to turn her on. The doll requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. You need a screwdriver to put these in. Also in this compartment, there is a little drawer that pulls out, this is what the food chips go into. You need to put some poop chips into the little door. You will see what happens later on.


To feed Lunch Time Baby Annabell, you place your little food chips on to the plate and feed her with her little spoon. Annabell makes some eating noises and lip-smacking, then swallows the food down. If she is full, her mouth will no longer open. It ends up in her little drawer in her back, but it is fun to watch.

Inside Food

The food can be taken out and used over and over again. Endless fun for your little one and Baby Annabell.

Pressing her Tummy

After food, it’s time for Lunch Time Baby Annabell to go potty. You sit her on her potty with her trousers down. Press the large button on her belly and she makes realistic baby trying to do a poop sounds. It’s quite funny to hear. The little poop chips fall out the hole in the bottom of the doll and into the potty. You can put them back in for next time.


When Baby Annabell is finished, she would like to snuggle up, drink her bottle and go for a wee nap. She is such a lovely doll and Little Miss loves playing with her and giving her snuggles.

Playing Lunchtime Baby Annabell

We absolutely love Lunch Time Baby Annabell. She has realistic movements and sounds. The doll provides lots of role-playing actions and the food chips are a great addition to this. Little Miss plays with this for hours and it’s been good that the food chips and poop chips can be used over and over again. The doll isn’t cheap at £54.99, but it is well made and promotes so many lovely qualities in playtime. I would highly recommend this doll for both boys and girls, but if you have a younger child, I would supervise due to the small parts. I think this would make a fantastic gift for any Baby Annabell and doll fan. I know the Lunch Time Table is on  Little Miss Christmas list.

What do you think of the doll?

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Disclaimer:- This Doll was gifted to us for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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