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Lovelies, it may be near the end of August but there is still a month left of late summer to enjoy as we edge our way back to the longer days of fall. Even if the temperature drops, you might still benefit from a little extra suncare or aftersun care – here are the lastest drops I’m excited to share.

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Today digging into natural sunscreen, as well as natural after-sun protection, and sun serum!

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New to the Sunny Rotation

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Nuori – Sun Repair Serum

A new summer love. This serum repairs skin’s moisture with natural hyaluronic acid and carbohydrate complex, which ensures deep, long-lasting hydration due to their water-binding properties. Their plant-based, bio-fermented sorbitol complex (with chamomile flower) provides a calming and anti-irritant effect to soothe the skin and reduce inflammatory responses — as well as signs of sun-damage.

Additionally, the liquorice root extract and vitamins C and E offer concentrated antioxidants to neutralize damaging free radicals appearing from sun exposure.

I’ve been applying this nightly after washing, followed by my nightly facial oil. After a summer in the sun, my skin feels hydrated and nurtured the day after, particularly after some long summer days of sunlight. Still waiting to see if it lightens sunspots, but this can take 6 – 8 weeks with any active product.

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ILIA – Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 30

I tried Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF for the first time, and I find the coverage pretty good and even. Although I am not crazy about the smell, it is not that bothersome either. Hopefully, they find a way to naturally improve this over time. However, I like that it safely shields skin from UVA, UVB, UVC, blue light, and infrared. Would I buy this again? Likely yes, however my first choice is Annmarie Skincare’s Mineral Powder mixed with Pratima Face SPF 30 as my tinted SPF moisturizer.

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In a scramble to find a natural sunscreen sunny trip, I went to the Bio Store and found Naturkosmetik SPF 30 Sunscreen. Admittedly, I was cautious about buying it for three reasons: 1) It can be hard to find a good natural sunscreen in that dries clear, 2) Natural sunscreen is nearly 3x the price of commercial non-organic sunscreen, 3) There were no testers (Corona times) which meant paying a lot without knowing how it applies…

So how did it turn out? I was very pleased with the sun protection and the natural ingredients listed! However, despite the packaging saying that it applies and dries clear… it was a little thick to apply and left a subtle white glow.




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