Haircuts And Illustrations Our Weekly Photos – Week 34

Haircuts And Illustrations Our Weekly Photos – Week 34


Haircuts And Illustrations Our Weekly Photos – Week 34

Blue Sky


It’s been a very busy week here and I am certainly not taking to all the change and routine well, but it takes time for someone who doesn’t do change well. How are you all? Always have my air hug ready for you. Huuuuug.

Here is what our little part of the world has been up to since our last weekly post. Aria and I both got our haircut. That was a strange, but nice experience. I am still not keen on wearing a mask but always do, don’t worry, it’s just not something I enjoy. However, I am not sure anyone does, but if it keeps us and others safe, then it’s a given. We were the only two in the hairdressers with screens, etc. It was nice and I got loads off mine as did Aria. I tried to take a photo on the one above. I always look awkward, so this is as good as it gets folks. Plus, I should probably appear in front of the camera once in a while. So what do you think? The colour I do myself, but it’s short. I still haven’t got a photo of all three kids together with their uniform on. Lucas is a slippery one and hates being in front of the camera more than I do. Plus, they leave at different times, so I really must try harder, even if it’s just one for our own memories.

Saturday I went in search of paint for the back garden with Aria. We got some paint, but not necessarily the right colour, but it should be fine for what I can do. Aria got a new doll and spent the rest of the day playing outside with friends and the doll. It was a bit late in the day to get kitted up for the painting, so I decided to watch the last episode of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix while the boys played football and Robert was playing some console game. I don’t know about you, but I tend to put off watching the last episode of a series I’m enjoying or the last few pages of a book I am loving. I hate to say goodbye to the characters and feel sad. It tends to take me a while to get into something else unless I’m following straight on in a series.  I loved Sweet Magnolias and it’s based on books by the same author as Chesapeake Shores which I also love. I shouldn’t have watched it, even though it was fab, I am left 5 days later with a gaping hole on the cliffhanger. Hmmm, hurry up and film the next season or tell me what happens next, I don’t mind spoilers. Tell me I’m not alone? The weather was lovely Saturday and I even took a quick snap of the blue sky since I’ve moaned so much about the rain. In the evening we had a takeaway, I had a Crabbies Rhubard and Gingerbeer and caught up on some Blacklist and Umbrella Academy and Prodigal Son. All good tv shows.

Sunday the shopping arrived and woke me up as it was early, not ideal, but at least it arrived. My mum stopped by for a quick visit with her doggy. I had my Glasgow writing group meetup via zoom and that always helps to speak to like-minded people about the woes of the publishing industry. Still, no agent yet and the pandemic seems to have made things even more difficult, but I will keep ploughing onwards. The boys went over to Robert’s Dad’s to watch the footie. Aria did gymnastics while I caught up on some writing and the last episode of Greys for the series. Another cliffhanger, these shows. I did my daily exercise biking. The weekend went by so quick, but I had been so exhausted I felt like I didn’t really achieve anything. Me and my expectations.

It was back to work Monday, albeit still working from home. The kids were all back in school for the first time and a full week too. Different staggered starts and it helps that I can be back at my desk for 9 so that is good. It is a bit of a better balance for now on that front. Aria had zoom gymnastics after school. Work was busy as Mondays always are. The boys had 121 football training and then Tyler trained with a different football team. It’s been a difficult one for him and time will tell. It was an older age group and I think he didn’t feel he’d done his best, but he’d done an hour of intense training and being back at school, so it was understandable. Aria was very excited for her Gymnastics teacher to come and deliver her badges and medal for completing badges 4-1 at the age of 7 and during lockdown. She has worked hard and now onto the next stage. She is a shy girl, but a determined one.

Tuesday saw three tired children having to be woken up. Bless. I have to say I was so tired myself on Tuesday. I get very anxious with the kids being back at school, I worry about them, especially oldest. They are all fine, but I can’t help it as we all do. With everything else going on, it’s just hard and making sure they are ok with the changes and new regulations. All seem to be going well at primary level. The staggered starts, lunches and classroom bubbles seem to be working ok so far. Socially distancing at the school gates by the parents, well, it’s getting there. High school is different, it’s hard for the kids to socially distance with so many and moving around, but they have made changes and again time will tell. One thing I am loving about working from home is being able to hear about their day before getting home later on in the evening from work. In the evening we had football, gymnastics and I was just so tired so went to bed.

Wednesday was another working day, busy and both boys had different football in the evening. Tyler was very nervous but enjoyed it when he came home. He was knackered though. Aria played outside for a bit before coming back in and I did an Illustration class via zoom. It was the illustration above, not the cheeriest, but it was taken from the tarot cards from the Bond movie Live and Let Die. It was actually really cool to do and I enjoyed learning the different techniques. It was nice to do something creative. I know writing is creative, but once you pass that initial first draft it feels more technical after that, so this was fun. What do you think?

Thursday was a long working day. Lots of issues and pesky gremlins in the world of IT. The kids came home happy from school and all seems to be going well so far. I didn’t finish work until late in the evening, a grumpy mum. I finished my illustration before heading to bed.

And here we are on Friday. It’s been a long and tiring week. I’ve struggled to settle when the kids are at school, but although tired, they are happy. Lots of other things seem to be going through my mind and I am not quite getting into the swing of things. It seems just a lot going on at once. I am sure it will all calm down. No major plans for the weekend so far. It has been a very busy day and I am looking forward to having my babies home, and maybe some rest for us all. The first week back at school does seems to be a tiring one. Here’s to a quiet weekend. Fingers crossed.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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