School And A Plant Our Weekly Photos – Week 33

School And A Plant Our Weekly Photos – Week 33


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School And A Plant Our Weekly Photos – Week 33


So here we are with another week. It has been all change here and I have felt quite exhausted mentally by it all. Not sure I was ready for the changes, but it happened whether I was ready or not. As usual, the kids and Robert took it in their stride, just the wee worry wort in the corner that had every scenario possible running through her head, constantly. Anyway, we are here at the end of the week and the sun is shining. What a difference that makes. How has your week been? And here your socially distanced hug or an air hug as Aria is allowed to give to her friends these days.

Here is what we’ve been up to since the last week’s weekly post. Saturday we went back to the shopping centre. Aria got some money left from her Gran and wanted to buy something to remind her of her Gran and something big she could play with. We’ve debated over a Nintendo Switch in the past and Aria has never really shown any interest in gaming. The boys had other consoles, so when she started playing games with her Dad and brothers she wanted her own. She’s been playing with her cousins and has been enjoying Minecraft, so she treated herself to a switch. And to be honest, it’s been really good. Now, she is saving up for some new games. This was the big thing on Saturday and very exciting for her. She also purchased a wee prickly, purple cactus in the picture above. This was her Gran’s favourite colour and she wanted something easy to look after, so meet her little cactus. Isn’t she cute? The rest of the day I spent weeding the back garden. Gardens and I don’t go, but it was looking a bit like a jungle with all the rain. We had a wee cheeky take away for dinner and Robert and I caught up on our usual Saturday night tv and a wee drink. This week it was Blacklist and Umbrella Academy. Aria was out playing, but I couldn’t settle until she came in, I don’t know why, but I find different people walk through the street on a Saturday evening, but she was fine and it’s a nice play to live.

Sunday was our online food delivery. The sun was shining for the first time in ages, so I thought I’d paint the fence and start the decking outback. Well, I think I ended up with more paint on me than the woodwork. Two nine-litre tubs later and I ran out before I was even halfway through the decking, but the fence is painted. Aria and the boys had been out playing all day. I did some editing in the evening and boy was I tired. Lucas did a really nice thing and bought Tyler a skin he’d wanted as a surprise on Fortnite. Not really my thing, but apparently it’s what he wanted, so that was nice.

Monday I was back at work. The boys had 121 football and Aria had the start of her gymnastics online. The weather was damp and rubbish and I couldn’t find the same colour of paint for out the back as I’d used, so I was a tad annoyed at that. I ended up working really late on Monday to catch up as I was off the next two days.

Tuesday and a day off work for me. Woo hoo. The kids and I went to Frankie and Bennies for lunch, the first time we’d eaten out since lockdown began and it was different but ok. We visited the new Rangers Football Store at the stadium which the boys found awesome. And in the evening I did a writing course via teams on writing chapters books which was fab. This was the last day we all had off before back to school. So, there was some mad checking of all the instructions and times, arranging meetups and making sure the uniform, etc was ready. Football training as well in the evening, but it’s shorter just now.

Wednesday was a nervewracking day. I was off work and it was Tyler’s first day of high school. You can see how smart he looked in his uniform above. He met his friends and they went in at the staggered time and the gate they were allocated. It was only first years and six years this day that went. Tyler loved it. He isn’t moving classes the same way you normally do in high school and there is staggering lunches, etc and lots of hand sanitizers. Different, but all good. That was a relief. We went out for dinner in the evening to celebrate and hear all about his day. Football training after this and then getting ready for Lucas being back as well as Tyler the next morning.

Thursday was back to work for me and the last day Aria was off. She had a nice chilled day playing in her friends garden one house up and enjoyed the sunshine. The boys were both at school with Lucas going into third year. He technically moved up before summer, but this was them going back to school. He seemed to enjoy it and I was glad to hear when he got home. I had to take my mum’s cat to the vet too as it’s kidney’s seem poorly. Seems to take after me lol. I had a busy day at work but was so tired in the evening. I couldn’t sleep well last few nights. I think it’s such a big step for the boys going to high school after so long and I wanted it to be positive for them. Lucas was looking forward to having Friday off. Poor Tyler being in three and his siblings only in one.

And we are on Friday. It has been a long and emotionally draining week. We are so ready for the weekend. Friday morning saw Aria go back to school and it is staggered starts, lunches and no mixing outwith their class. It’s different but seemed to go well. You can see her in her uniform above. They are going with casual uniform at primary just now so they can do gym outside and more frequent washing and no taking off ties, etc. Lots of one way systems to get used to at both schools and changes to meal systems and payments, but all in all, it seems to have gone well for the first few days. Next week will be the test with all pupils back full time. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Now, for a relaxing weekend and hopefully, tensions and emotions and hormones don’t drive me wrong the bend. I  see tired children and an unsettled mum.

I’m hoping for some sunshine, some peace to read and maybe some paint to finish the decking. I’m not asking for much. I hope you have a lovely weekend too, let me know how you are in the comments.


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