Lockdown Week 20 – Purple Sky, Guitar And The Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 32

Lockdown Week 20 – Purple Sky, Guitar And The Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 32


Lockdown Week 20 – Purple Sky, Guitar And The Cat Our Weekly Photos – Week 32



Hello all. How are you? I am back with a socially distanced hug. I think this will be my last week recording these are lockdown as although, Robert and I are still working from home, the kids are back at school mid-next week, so I guess its not really lockdown or is it? Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks. I’ll see where we are next week.

Here is what we have been up to since the last week’s weekly post last Saturday we went to the shopping centre for the first time since March. I was quite apprehensive at first knowing that there was a one-way system, we were short on time and wearing masks. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. We looked for trainers for Aria, she wanted to look in the toy shop and we looked at clothes for the boys. We went to Robert’s dad’s house to watch football and have some lunch with him. Aria and I headed over the road earlier to make a little gift for Robert’s nephew’s birthday.  We went to Robert’s sisters in the evening for his nephew’s birthday. It was lovely, but bittersweet with a huge Grandmother shaped hole. First of many celebrations since she passed where she was missed. But, we are creating new memories together as a family. This is what she would want and this is her legacy. Aria adores her twin cousins and one of them gave her a guitar, you can imagine it has gone everywhere with her. She loves it as you can see above. One of them has been teaching her some chords, it’s very cute I took this photo on Sunday morning, messy bed hair, but loved the guitar in her own world.

On Sunday I spent the entire day going through the kid’s clothes, cleaning them out, tidying the rooms and putting into bags charity and items for the neighbour’s kids. You know that way, you are half an hour in, knee-deep in clothes and wish you had never started. Boy, did my body ached come evening. But it was a job well done and lots of kids loved the clothes. The school clothes are all ready, stamped and bags are ready packed. I was knackered in the evening. Robert took Lucas to get a new super-duper controller, I have no idea and we had a lovely dinner together. I think that is the one thing I’ve loved about the lockdown, we’ve had both lunch and dinner together pretty much every day instead of a few times a week. That has been a highlight.

I woke up on Monday with an aching body from all the bending and lifting. Did I mention I am pretty unfit even with my 5k bike rides every day? I had a busy working day like Monday’s are. We sorted through the homeschooling stuff in the evening to figure out what needed to go back to school and kept for studying. Aria went out to play and the boys had 121 football. I have been pretty tired this week and still not loving social media much just now. I did take a nice picture of Twilight against the rain splattered window above.

The weather had been particularly awful on Tuesday. It poured from the heavens all day long. Aria went to play with a friend and we started to get the information through about starting back school next week. Aria is only back on Friday and no school bag. Informal uniform, for now, staggered start and different gates. It will be interesting to see how it goes when all are back the following week. I do hope it goes well for a bit at least. The boys and Robert came in soaking wet after football, I don’t think it stopped pouring the entire day.

Working away Wednesday and another day of rain. It is not letting off at all. I am sure we will need an ark soon. Aria was particularly grumpy. She had gymnastics via zoom and it wasn’t her best day. She was giggly and not really concentrating. I think she was tired. It was early to bed for a grumpy miss after a bath and hair in pleats. Lucas and Robert had another wet football training session. Thankfully, it’s not that cold. It was Lucas school info for next week today and he is on Thursday only. Lots of different changes to high school working. I was particularly grumpy Wednesday, not sure why. Everything got on top of me and I was full-on rant mode.

Felt a bit brighter on Thursday morning and worked away again. Tyler’s turn for school information and he is starting high school so it’s a big learning curve for them on top of everything else. He is in all three days next week, so you can imagine his annoyance at three days when the other two have one. But, the following week it’s all normal anyway. Fingers crossed for all the school starters at different ages and stages it goes well. The boys played football outside since it was dry for once. Aria and her wee friends were out and Lucas went out on his bike with a friend. I did some reading and exercise bike in the evening. I also posted for the first time on Instagram in weeks. I never felt right posting, but I saw the purple sky and I thought of my mother in law. It was her favourite colour and I hope she is up in the clouds stalking us on her heavenly mobile phone and will see it. I went for an early night and I don’t remember anyone going to bed. Unheard of for me. Well, except Aria, it wasn’t that early lol.

Friday, woohoo and what a nightmare of a day at work. I am so pleased it is over. I was at the nurse today for a test and it was strange being in the doctor’s surgery when it is so empty. It has been warm today, but we are back to dry spells and lots of rain. Come on, a few days left of summer holidays here, a nice sunny day to get the paddling pool out what be nice to end it. Here’s to the weekend and I predict a glass of some Crabbie’s Rhubarb Ginger Beer is in my future. Have a lovely weekend.


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