Eyeliners For Blue Eyes: 15 Eye-Catching Must-Haves


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15 Eye Makeup Must-Haves: The Best Eyeliners For Blue Eyes

Whether you have light icy blues (light blue w/silver), blue-hazels (predominantly blue or blue-gray with hints of green and yellow), or the very deepest of blues, from eyeliners to eyeshadow, makeup can be an alluring and creative way to play up your eyes!!

You can make them appear a little brighter, sparkly, vibrant, more intense, bluer, grayer, or turn them into deep pools of beauteous seduction, just from the colors you select.

So, how do you find the perfect eyeliners to make your blues sing in all these glorious ways??

Well, to help, we’ve rounded up the most in-demand & makeup-lover approved eyeliners in the best colors to ensure those baby blues stand out boldly!! Without a doubt, you’ll effortlessly command some eye-catching attention with these top picks!!

However, worry not if you happen to be a “less is more” kind of makeup gal… We’ve also got some slightly less bold, understated, & natural yet still irresistibly flattering options for you ladies as well!!

But first, let’s go over a few overall basics and makeup tips to help you when selecting your eye makeup colors!!

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15 Eye Makeup Must Haves Best Eyeliner For Blue Eyes

Selecting Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Though I’ll mostly be talking about eyeliners today, I do want to touch on eyeshadow colors a bit. You see, when it comes to eye makeup (eyeshadows & eyeliners), there are generally two approaches for color selection.

The first approach is using colors to create drama and more intensity. While the second approach is using colors to create harmony. For drama, we will use the color wheel to determine colors. For harmony, your focus should be on using a mirror to see which colors are naturally most apparent in your iris.

Let’s start with Drama shall, we??

We’ll use this color wheel to find complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors opposite one another on the color wheel and can be used to create the most contrast. These are the ones that will make those blue eyes pop and stand out the most, Beauties!

You can see, the colors blue and orange are opposite one another on the color wheel. To make things easier, from this point on, let’s refer to them as contrasting colors. So, when it comes to eyeliner and eyeshadow, warm shades with orange undertones work best for contrast and, thus, drama.

the color wheel for determining the best colors for blue eyes using eyeliner

For eyeliner, this means colors like copper, gold, bronze, earthy browns, terracotta, and possibly, a coral, apricot, or peach.

Now, I’m sure you remember from elementary school, that the color orange is a combination or a mixing of yellow and red. And since yellow and red make orange, for eyeliner selection, you should also think about ones that have some red or yellow undertones as well. Think champagne, red-browns, burgundy, or cranberry.

Blue Eyes & Eyeliners PRO Makeup TIP (3 Bonus Colors):

Three additional surprising shades with red undertones that can make your blue eyes enchanting and that you may want to look for in eyeliners… plum, raspberry, and jewel-toned amethyst purple!!

Now for a little Harmony…

When you look in a mirror closely at the iris, in addition to blue, you may see, gray or silver tones. One way to make eyes appear brighter is to play with those tones using light gray or silvers for eyeshadow. And for eyes that are icy blue or steel blue naturally, adding a gray eyeliner can truly bring out the gray even more.

woman's blue eye with gray and silver eye makeup

Now, there is often a slight debate on the issue of using blue eye makeup with blue eyes. Some makeup artists feel it can accentuate and bring out the various shades of blue in the eye. While others think that blue eye makeup can, unfortunately, make your eyes look a bit dull.

As a makeup artist, I think it depends on several factors like eyeshadow vs. eyeliner, other colors used, and how much of the lid is covered with a blue-colored eyeshadow. For makeup beginners, I usually suggest airing on the side of caution before adding in blues, just until they get the hang of eyeshadow application.

But I think blue eyeliner is totally fine to experiment with since it takes up a smaller portion of the eye area than eyeshadow does. There is less room for going overboard when it’s just an eyeliner, right??!!

Keep scrolling… I’ll get into the best eyeliners for blue eyes with the best specific shades of blue further down!!

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes: The Eyeliner Approach!!

If you are anything like me (even though I have brown eyes), some days you just want to take a tad simpler approach to your makeup look. And on those days an eyeliner and some mascara can do the trick!!

Perhaps you may just want to line the top and smudge it out a bit? Try an edgy winged look, sexy cat-eye, or a subtle curvy outer flick?

Whichever the case is for you, the goal is to use that perfect eyeliner rather than colorful & bold eyeshadows to draw attention to your eyes!! Well, these next top picks are just the thing to reach that eye makeup goal!

woman with blue eyes and eyeliner

The 10 Best Eyeliners To Make Blue Eyes Stand Out!!

1) Charlotte Tilbury’s Copper Charge

Copper eyeliner is a must-have makeup product for all blue-eyed gals looking to take their look up a few gorgeous notches! As a warm metallic, this one provides a strong contrast to your blues for the most vibrantly, captivating intensity!

s2310464 main zoom

If you’d rather keep it simple, try just lining your upper lash line and then give a nice little flick at the end. But if you’d like to really amp up your “eye-popping” appeal, go full-out cat-eye!! Then curl your lashes, apply some mascara, and you are good to go!!

GET THE LOOK: This pencil features dual-sided options using a matte russet brown on one side, and a metallic rose copper. For this exact cat-eye look, line the top with the russet brown and the bottom with the rose copper shade.

s2310464 av 03 zoom

2) Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Sunset Eyeliner (74 – Golden Bronze)

Imagine if your favorite gel liner had a “love child” with a pencil liner!! Well, that’s what the Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliners do!!! They take the perks of gel liners, as in creamy consistency with a smoother application, and add that to the perks of a pencil (easier to use), making one powerful and effortless way to line your eyes, Beauties!!

You get the best of both worlds for application with ease, plus it lasts up to 12 hours, and it’s waterproof!! Ahem….this equals less smudging. A gold-bronze shimmery eyeliner that will bring out the shine and color of your eyes, giving you the most ravishing, blazing blues!!

s1687409 main zoom

3) URBAN DECAY Heavy Metal Glitter In Goldmine

Give your baby blues some shimmer and sparkle with this glittery gold!! The warm tones of this gold are magnificent for balancing out the natural cooler tones of your blues! This multi-tasking product can be used solo, or you can add some dazzle to a basic eyeshadow shade by applying this product over it!!

For a super, fine thin line to your upper lash line, this brush is superb!! However, it can be a bit sheer, so if you’re a “less is more” kind of makeup gal who is into more subtly, this works great!

But if you seek something bolder or a pencil instead, try URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Goldmine).

s2235653 main zoom

4) Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In Mari(Gold)

For a trendy, golden peachy shimmer with a foolproof application, this eyeliner is your new BFF!! It combines soft, warm yellow and orange tones, with a pearly sheen for a lovely eye-popping brilliance!! It generally looks more like a warm gold once applied, so it gives just enough contrast without being too bold and will brighten up your blue eyes beautifully!! And as mentioned with liner #2 above, this brand gives you all the positives of a gel and pencil in one!!

s1572064 main zoom

5) Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In Orange Crush!

Another Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, making this a third must-have eyeliner for its smooth and super blendable consistency. Like the other gel eye crayon liners, it’s created for long-lasting wear and won’t tug on your skin when you’re applying!!

This one is a pigmented, deep orange-coral color that has a radiant pink-like shimmer. So, if you desire an eyeliner vivid orange undertones (remember blue and orange are opposite one another on the color wheel) to play up that intensity, this would be the one!!

s1687326 main zoom

6) URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil In Double Life 

Urban Decay’s eyeliners are another fantastic option if you are looking for a pencil with a formula that makes for smooth glide & application!! If you want to play with warm earthy tones or red-browns, this pencil is the winning option since it is just that….a reddish-brown!! It’s far from a typical muted or dull brown. Also, being a metallic and having that extra infusion of red brings out a fresh spark to your blues that most browns won’t!!

s2083459 main zoom

7) Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds

For a slightly more subtle but flattering look, this champagne-colored pencil does not fail!! It’s thicker shape and consistency give you the option of using it as a liner or an eyeshadow. And it has a breathtaking shimmery effect that picks up the natural light as it hits your eyes!! It’s excellent for a daytime natural look for every blue-eyed Beauty!!

**It dries after 30 seconds, so if you are using for an eyeshadow, be sure to work quickly.

s2102465 av 01 zoom

8) Mark Jacob Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In (Plum) Age 60 

Remember those red undertones and three bonus colors we talked about for drama?? Well, this glimmery plum eyeliner with its red undertones will give just enough contrast to still make your eyes stand out. And the fact that it’s a shimmer helps to easily add a mysterious gleam to your eyes!!

s1572015 main zoom

9) Mark Jacob Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In Jazz(Berry) 46   

If you’ve been looking for eyeliners that’ll make those blue eyes more memorable than ever before, this one’s a gem. It’s a rich raspberry purple with shimmer that will make your eyes look bright and luminous!!

s1501337 main zoom

And if you want to play around, you could combine it with the sunset liner. Use jazz berry on the upper and lower with sunset on the inner eye corners for a super striking look!! (See Image Below)

makeup look for using eyeliners with blue eyes

10) Mark Jacob Highliner Liquid Gel Eyeliner In Jelly Much

Now for another bonus eyeliner that moves into that jewel-toned amethyst purple area, we talked about, the Marc Jacob’s “Jelly Much” is bewitching!! You can do a simple eye makeup look like this one below. A makeup look like this allows the purple to enhance your eye without overpowering it. This particular liner is waterproof and has a shiny, lustrous finish. Additionally, the brush is ideal for creating a thin and super precise line…something for which you’ll be grateful!!

s2308096 av 03 zoom
beginner makeup kit checklist

5 Best Eyeliners Enhancing The Natural Tones In Blue Eyes

1) Makeup For Ever Aqua XL Ink Eye Liner In Lustrous Deep Blue

With blue eyes, a trick to avoid that dreaded dull-look from blue-on-blue mentioned previously is to use a blue eyeliner a few shades darker than your iris. A dark or navy blue is fabulous for giving a bit more contrast with your natural blues. It’s also useful if you want something a little softer than a stark black liner look. Black liners can sometimes make blue eyes look grayer rather than bring out their natural blues as this one can. You’ll love how the applicator’s tip can help you to create a thin and detailed line kept very close to your lash line!!

s1911684 main zoom

2) Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner COLOR: 18 Silver Glitter

Want brighter eyes?? Are you looking to boost any gray tones in your blue eyes? Look no further!! This silver liner that doubles as an eyeshadow will work its magic to brighten and pull out those smokey gray tones!!  This one is easy to use and a life-saver when you’re short on time but want a quick glistening look!!

s1394881 main zoom

3) LAURA MERCIER Kohl Eye Pencil  Stormy Grey

When it comes to grays, in addition to light gray or silvers, slate gray is an excellent option to play with for blue eyes. You’ll get a softer look than a black eyeliner but still get the added beautiful definition to the shape of your eyes. In fact, this can also be a great option for lining your eyes when you’re also wearing eyeshadow.

s1531532 main zoom

4) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil In Deep End

If you have “blue-hazels” (predominantly blue or blue-gray with hints of green & yellow), a teal liner will emphasize the hints of green in your eyes, transforming them into deep aquatic pools!! This seductive colored eyeliner will not only enhance your eyes but also draw out extraordinary sea blue tones!! Urban Decay’s liners are also known and loved by beauty buffs for their smoothness, creaminess, and effortless application. Keep the line crisp or smudge it out for a uniquely bright eye look!!

s1498740 main zoom

5) Sephora Collection 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliner In Peacock Blue

A turquoise eyeliner also being a blue-green color like teal, can play on the natural blue in your eyes, enriching their color, and adding more depth & dimension. Want two simple summer or springtime makeup looks for your baby blues that use turquoise eyeliners?? Look 1: Apply it to the upper lash line for a winged liner look, add a volumizing dark blue or navy mascara, some glowy bronzer, and a nude lip!!

s2026292 main zoom

Look 2: Apply this turquoise eyeliner to the inner and outer corners of your eyes ONLY. See the image below for an example. Skip the middle section of your lash line. Once again, add some mascara, bronzer, and go for a nude lip!!

makeup look for using turquoise eyeliner for blue eyes

15 Best Eyeliners For Blue Eyes: The Wrap Up!!

If you want to add a little extra drama to your blue eyes, make them appear brighter, more dynamic, twinkly, or channel your inner mermaid and bring out those sea-like hues, these must-have eyeliners are the secret to achieving those makeup goals! Give these colors a try; you might be surprised just how stylishly they revamp and refine your blues, ladies!!

We’d Love To Hear From You Beauties: What is your favorite eyeliner color to bring out your blues ladies?? Leave a comment below.

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