Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Brown Eyes + Eye-Popping Single Shades


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9 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes For Brown Eyes + Best Colors To Make Your Eyes Pop!

According to World Atlas, “Approximately 79% of the world’s population has brown eyes,”…who knew??!! From deep, dark chocolate to warm mocha, cinnamon, and caramel, the color variations are countless. And just as vast as this variety of darling browns, are the number of eyeshadows & palettes on the market for us brown-eyed gals!

So, with so many options, where does one begin??!?

To make things easier, we’ve rounded up nine top-rated eyeshadow palettes and single shades to give your brown eyes that next-level, stunning appeal!

Yep, that’s right!! Some of the industry’s most talked-about, best-selling, eye makeup obsessions!!

So, no matter where you fall on that range of lovely browns, whether they’re dark, medium or light, our list of single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes will certainly accentuate those brilliant, beautiful brown eyes of yours!

If you’ve been looking for makeup to create an eye-catching (no pun intended) look or to enhance what mother nature gave ya, look no further!! Beauties, we’ve got you covered!!

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Eyeshadow Palettes & Singles: The Best Colors For Brown Eyes

I’ve talked a bit about selecting eyeshadow colors for different eye colors, as well as overall eyeshadow makeup tips for beginners before. But today, I want to go into more detail on color selection, particularly for all you Beauties seeking palettes or even solo eyeshadow shades that will complement your brown eyes better than ever before!

Well first, if you have brown eyes, consider yourself a lucky gal, as this eye color is a quite versatile one. Brown is a neutral color, which means most any color you use for eyeshadow will likely look fabulous on you. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few color choices that will ultimately look a great deal better than others.

You see, there are some colors that, when paired with brown peepers have a way of either… A) Creating harmony, highlighting their natural tones, & bringing more dimension or depth to them… OR… B) Creating a powerful enough contrast to make them stand out and truly pop!!

Let’s breakdown which colors do what, shall we? 🙂

The Best Eyeshadow Colors To Create Harmony & Highlight The Natural Tones Of Brown Eyes

For a harmonious look that enriches their natural color, you can always focus on browns, earthy shades, warm neutrals, or nudes for your eyeshadow palette.

However, warm metallic colors have a rather magical way of creating a striking sparkle and glimmer to brown eyes. Specifically, warm metallics, like bronze, copper, or gold, will pick up various subtle tones that exist in your eyes.

Here’s what I mean… First, take a second and go to a mirror. Make sure the lighting is really good. Now, look in the mirror closely at the iris of your eye.

What do you see?? Ok, so we see Brown…check! 😉 But what else?? Again, look closely… do you see anything else??

Depending on how dark your eyes are, you may see subtle flecks of other colors in your iris around your pupil.

Do you notice yellow or gold-toned flecks? Or perhaps, do you see reddish or copper-colored flecks? Do you see a yellow, orange, or reddish undertone to the brown of your eyes?

woman with brown eyes and different flecks of color in her eye
Notice the variety of colors in the flecks of her iris.

To enhance the natural color of your brown eyes and get that glimmer effect, you want to amplify those flecks and any undertones you see, with strategic color selections gals!! How so??

Well, if you noticed yellow or gold-toned flecks in your iris (or a yellow undertone), you could give golden eyeshadows a try. If you noticed copper or reddish flecks in your iris (or either a reddish or orange undertone), try a copper or bronze eyeshadow!

PRO TIP: For brown eyes, earthy tones can include amber, rust, taupe, auburn, tan, clay, terracotta colors, etc. The more red or orange to their tone, the more it will emphasize the natural orange-brown or red-brown hues in your eyes.

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Contrast With Brown Eyes

Now to create a bold look that accentuates and makes your eyes pop, we want to consider eyeshadow palettes with colors (or single eyeshadows) that contrast with your brown eyes, ladies. Therefore, you want to look for various shades of purple, blue, and green.

In fact, purple (violet, mauve, plum, eggplant, lavender, lilac, etc.) happens to be a favorite go-to color for many makeup artists when applying eyeshadow on their brown-eyed clients. It creates a most flattering contrast that makes them pop with a soulfully, seductive flare!

And for some browns (particularly light brown eyes), a purple can also surprisingly play up any golden flecks on yellow undertones in your iris… for that little extra sparkle to your eye!

woman's brown eye with a purple smoky eyeshadow makeup look to make her eyes pop

When it comes to blue eyeshadows, some fun colors to give your eyes that added dazzle and pop are cobalt blue, navy blue, sapphire, and electric blue. And if you happened to have noticed any orange or even amber undertones to your eyes when you looked in the mirror, using blues will bring out the warmth of these undertones.

Now, very dark brown eyes can look absolutely radiant with deeper greens like an emerald shade, for example. And for all brown-eyed ladies, an exciting color combo choice to try is gold with green or even a golden eyeshadow that has a hint of green to it!

Last but certainly not least, brown-eyed lovelies, you can also opt to delve further into blue-greens to create some show-stopping contrast. Consider a teal, sea green, or turquoise for some extra pizazz!

9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Brown Eyes

Now, that we’ve covered the basics of what colors your eyeshadow palettes should include, if you want to step up your eye makeup game, let’s finally roll out that top 9 for brown eyes, shall we??

1) BH Cosmetics Solar Flare

A brown-eyed girl’s ultimate dream come true… When it comes to metallics and gettin’ your shimmer on, Solar Flare gives you everything you could ever possibly need!! Featuring 18 hypnotizing shades, from golds to coppers to bronze, and even bursts of amber, reddish tones, and purple, this palette will enhance your brown eyes in the most captivating ways!!

Loved most for its variety and heavenly selection of radiant, long-lasting, warm shades, you can easily create a multitude of new looks. Your eyes will sparkle, with an added depth and dimension you’ve likely not seen from your eye makeup before!! Best of all, you can pick up the flecks in your irises and any subtle undertones, whether they’re on the reddish, orange, or yellow side, making this a universally flattering palette for all brown-eyed Beauties!


2) Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette (Amethyst)

If this palette could talk, it would say, “Go bold or go home!” It features 9 unforgettable, breathtaking shades ranging from beautiful mauves, plums, and berries to luscious violet. With both mattes and shimmers, these buildable pigments can help you create enough contrast to any make brown eyes pop with seduction!

s2137271 av 05 zoom

You’ll love this palette for a million playful, feminine, and flirty purple reasons!! And if you are looking to apply more than one shade for a multidimensional look, these colors complement each other very well.

s2137271 main zoom

3) Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette

Combining peach-toned neutrals, with stunning, deep purple, violet, and lavender, this palette contains 12 flexible shades. The first few colors going from left side to right, could each be easily worn alone or layered up. And the last five deepest shades of varying rich purply tones will bring out the clarity of your brown eyes for a night out edgy look!!

s2363588 main zoom

You’ll adore the holographic and light-reflecting qualities of the to-die-for shimmers!! Your eyes will make a bolder than bold & ultra-glam statement for sure!!!

s2363588 av 03 zoom

4) Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette In Frivoluxe

Seven shades and four finishes (matte, shimmery satin, sparkly, and metallic). The neutrals are ideal for a day-to-day makeup look while the lush purples of this palette will undoubtedly draw out the warm undertones of your chocolatey eyes for a sultry, mysterious look.

If you are ready to experiment with purple but find the previous two palettes a tad too bright for your liking, then I suggest starting with this one. Shades “Who Has Time,” “Dress,” “How You Want,” and “For Less” will all play up the intensity and make your brown eyes look richer, with their more subtle purply tones. And if you want to add the shade “Outrageously” to the mix for that extra pop, you could add it to the outer portion of your crease.

s1935667 main zoom

5) BH Cosmetics Ultimate Neutrals

Combining traditional neutral shades, browns, earthy tones, warm neutrals, bronzes, & coppers to boot, this palette is the motherload for achieving any natural makeup look, Beauties!! Featuring 42 shades ranging from mattes to shimmers, you could literally switch up your makeup look every single day with unlimited combos and never get bored!!

So, if you are a neutrals kind of gal when it comes to your daytime makeup, you can say goodbye to the same ole’ day after day monotonous look with this palette!! Say hello to variety & numerously easy ways to highlight the natural tones of your big beautiful brown eyes!!!! Yes, please!!

Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals 42 Color Eyeshadow Palette quarter web

6) Urban Decay – Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette

Now, if you are looking for something smaller and more compact, this palette features a variety of 12 dynamic warm neutrals, browns, and earthy colors, as well. With smooth, rich mattes and metallics, it looks incredible on all ages and skin tones!! Not only that, but these warm metallics can also work their “glow up” magic to bring out your eyes’ natural twinkle and instantly brighten them up!!

For nudes, this one is the furthest thing from boring, and if anyone says brown eyes can’t smolder from nude eyeshadow palettes, they’re lying. Create a trendy, smokey nude look with ease!!

s2171742 main zoom

7) Tarte In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

For richly pigmented and longlasting added definition, eyeshadow palettes like this cult-favorite are a must for all us gals with brown eyes!! An essential palette for basic everyday makeup, it features 12 smooth-as-butter shades in both matte and micro-shimmer finishes!!

For a natural daytime look that creates harmony plus adds some depth, this palette does the job! But you can always use it to take things up a notch for an evening look highlighting your deep chocolate pools too!! It’s also an easy-to-use palette for makeup newbies or beginners, as the shades will glide on and blend effortlessly!

s1775006 main zoom

Below, using warm brown, earthy, and metallic shades really has a way of highlighting both of these models’ brown eyes. For the first model, doing so reveals beautiful amber flashes with a fiery ring in her iris right around the pupil. And for the second model, it has brought out the deep auburn undertone in her iris.

8) Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

As far as on-the-go eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes, this one is a keeper!!! It features 21 adventurous shades with everything from rose golds and peaches, to browns, fuchsias, coppers, rust, smoky purple, blue, greens, and a black that shifts into a shimmery purple.

s2083384 main zoom

With this palette, you can regularly switch up your look based on your mood with its diverse color ranges! You have ways to create harmony with neutrals and options to make your eyes pop with luminous jewel tones, making this palette an all-in-one deal for brown-eyed, Beauties! So for a weekend getaway or other travel plans, you can simply take this one palette (rather than more than one) and save some room in your bag for other trip essentials!!

9) Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Sexy, velvety, dreamy eyeshadows, all beautiful and entirely versatile in 16 “come hither” shades!! A combination of warm cocoa brown, coppery bronze, terracotta, and green gold, with darker shades like a smokey navy and “Shisha Smoke,” giving you multi-faceted, endless makeup looks!!

Get your plum fix with the shade “Fez Up,” while “Nuts & Dates” (eggplant) could complement gold undertones in your eyes. And “Evil Genie” (turquoise) should reveal and emphasize any rich orange undertones to your browns. Best yet, this palette works well with every skin tone, and these pigments apply & blend easily!


The Best Single Eyeshadows To Make Brown Eyes Pop

In a perfect world, we’d get the most perfect browns, metallics, neutrals, purples, blues, and greens all in one palette. And in fact, some of us may indeed find that in the last two palette recommendations. But for those of you Beauties needing more blues or greens for that “larger than life” eye-popping status, I’ve added some must-have eyeshadow singles.

Best Blue Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

PRO TIP: For a more subtle look, instead of applying to the full eyelid, you can always add water and swipe any of these blue shades on your lashline for a fierce winged look with an angled liner brush!!

Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow Electric Blue Metallic

A bright, spellbinding blue for a striking look & strong contrast never fails!! Oh, and did I forget to mention blues have a way of making the whites of your eyes appear brighter?? Yep!! Your eyes will look fully awake and gleam bright as can be with this electric metallic blue!! Don’t be surprised if a blue like this one brings out the ravishing orange and amber undertones of your eyes.

s2034031 av 01 zoom

Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow Navy Blue Metallic

Bring the flicker of life into your brown eyes using this bold, deep-toned, metallic blue. Against their warmth, the cool tone of this navy blue creates a uniquely, eye-catching contrast!

s2034536 av 01 zoom

Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow Celestial Blue Glitter

Heavenly light blue indeed!! A gleaming, sparkly shade in a creamy, smooth texture. If you’re not confident rockin’ a full blue on your lid, instead try applying this shade just at the inner corners of your eyes. Don’t forget to softly blend it out a bit. You’ll then also want to use a shimmery warm beige, brown, or bronze shade on the rest of your lid.

s2033967 av 01 zoom

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow PARANOID (Metallic Cobalt)

This vivid cobalt blue is particularly flattering for brown eyes as the contrast makes them appear fresh and vibrant. Have your eyes take center stage of your newest makeup look and be the #1 focal point! You’ll love how alluringly the cool tone of this blue contrasts with the warmth of your pretty browns!!

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01277MPYM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thebeautydeep 20&language=en US

Best Green Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

PRO TIP: With green eyeshadows, for a more subtle look, instead of applying to your full eyelid, you can just apply to a portion of it. You’ll then want to blend that shade into more neutral colors.

Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow Bottle Green Glitter

For light brown eyes, this metallic green will play nicely against any golden tones you may have in them. And for dark brown or medium brown eyes, it can bring out an attractive and alluring warmth for head-turning results!!

s2034114 av 01 zoom

Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow Peacock Metallic

Dark greens and dark eyes are steadfast friends and genuine besties in the world of eye makeup!! This enchanting green can be soul-stirring for dark brown eyes. It will deepen them and also bring out their natural warmth (or any red undertones). The shimmer of this shade’s finish will reflect the light in your eyes and make them bright & sparkly!

s2033769 av 01 zoom

Urban Decay Eyeshadow In Lounge 

Add a bewitching mystique to your brown eyes with this smooth, silken textured and long-lasting eyeshadow!! This incredibly unique shade shifts from green to red to brown, depending on the lighting and your angle. Lounge eyeshadow is some serious eye candy and perfect for making your eyes stand out!! It’s also great for a simple one-shade makeup look, given its ability to shift and change on a dime!!

s1704493 main zoom

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow – Zodiac

This fascinating 3D shimmery shade also shifts and changes (a smoky black with a blue-green shift). It has a soft creamy feel when applied. And it will give a dazzling look to your brown eyes with a distinctive depth.

Prepare yourself for many compliments with Zodiac or if you decide to go with the previous shade, Lounge. Their finish creates a dimension and movement that has a remarkable way of catching a lot of praise and attention!! Lastly, for a sexy, fun twist, you can also apply it alone and wet as a liner!!

s1498906 main zoom

Eyeshadow Palettes & Singles For Brown Eyes: The Wrap-Up!

Well, Beauties, I hope you enjoyed these tips and recommendations for eyeshadow palettes and singles to give your brown eyes that extra zing!! Whether you prefer to stick with harmonizing colors or gravitate towards contrasting ones, you can propel your brown eyes to that next level of sublime and stirring perfection with these must-have eyeshadows for sure!!

We want to hear from you!! What are your favorite eyeshadow colors to use in palettes or as singles for your brown eyes?? Leave a comment below.

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