Preventing Loneliness in the Elderly – You Baby Me Mummy

Preventing Loneliness in the Elderly – You Baby Me Mummy


Loneliness is one of the biggest risks for the elderly community. With our elderly loved ones sometimes finding themselves living on their own, it’s important for us to ensure that we stay in contact with them. There are multiple ways we can ensure they don’t get lonely and it doesn’t always come down to us. Social events are also important. Here’s our guide to the best ways to prevent loneliness in our elderly loved ones.

Days out

Right now it’s difficult to know when we can leave the house and in what capacity. However, when things get back to relative normality, why not head for a day out? If they struggle with mobility, there’s a great range of products that they can use, including powered wheelchairs which you can
pick up from places like Fenetic Wellbeing. There’s also mobility scooters and just general mobility aids like wheelchairs. Powered wheelchairs are electrically powered so they can move without assistance needed.

There are loads of places you can head to including beaches, there are some impressive beaches across all coasts in the UK. You could also try national parks and maybe even a city day out. All that matters is they get to spend some time with their family.

Social events

You could encourage them to head to social events where they can socialize with their peers. There are multiple social events that they can attend, from tech cafes to lunch afternoons where they can just have a chat. You can check out places like Age UK who regularly post about events that are
taking place.

In the current climate, social events are simply not possible. If they’re confident online, pen pal schemes have been put in place so they can have a friend to communicate with during the lockdown and beyond.

Stay in touch

It’s important you stay in touch on a regular basis, or as regular as is possible. It doesn’t matter how you stay in touch whether it’s a phone call or a video call. They may not be overly comfortable with computers, so it may be a simple phone call but having this connection with them is incredibly
important. It only takes 10 minutes out of your day, but it means the world to them.

Garden catchups

We can now see our elderly relatives in their gardens as long as we maintain a social distance, so why not pop round for a cup of tea in the garden? The weather is getting warmer so there’s no excuse to no use the garden if you have one. You could even bring your kids over to see them as
well, ensuring that they maintain this connection with their family.

So, there you have our top tips for ensuring your elderly relatives don’t become lonely. If you have any further suggestions or tips for my readers, feel free to comment below!

I’m always happy to hear other people’s tips and advice as long as it helps to keep our elderly relatives happy and with the people they love around them.

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