Is book selling on Amazon worth it in 2020? – You Baby Me Mummy

Is book selling on Amazon worth it in 2020? – You Baby Me Mummy


Is book selling on Amazon worth it in 2020?

Are you a budding business selling your own books? Do you would love to expand your market by going online? Either way selling books online is on your mind and you’ve come to the right place!

As we share the TOP 10 reasons why selling your books on Amazon in 2020 is the RIGHT choice!

It gives you a larger pool of customers

Stop thinking about brick and mortar businesses and start venturing into the world of selling online. Gone are the days when your clients were just people who passed by your store, people you knew, or people who were referred to you. Give your products a wider customer base by selling on Amazon.

With Amazon, you’ll get to sell your products to customers all over the globe! The wider the coverage, the larger your customer base will be. 

Amazon comes with the right reputation

Among all ecommerce websites, has a better reputation, and even better customer service. They’re known for their honesty and standards. This is why customers tend to choose Amazon over other shopping sites.

Amazon Prime Members are great buyers

Looking for a great customer base that will support your product and give you better feedback? You can find them among Amazon Prime Members. With an exclusive membership that provides its members with benefits such as, shopping tips, how-to guides, offers and deals, Prime customers spend more money compared to regular customers.

is book selling on amazon worth it in 2020

Being one of the most trusted brands in the world, customers are willing to pay $99 a year just to participate in the Amazon Prime Service. This is why if you sell on Amazon, you’re associating your product with a brand that customers trust and believe.

Listing on Amazon is FREE

List your product on Amazon and you won’t spend a penny! You won’t have to pay anything until you actually sell something. Given this, you can list any of your products online for a longer period of time, and just wait for orders to flow in. 

is book selling on amazon worth it in 2020

Sell even while you’re sleeping

Unlike brick and mortar shops where you have regular working hours, selling on Amazon gives you the flexibility to do business no matter what time it is. Whether you are doing a regular job during the day, or if you’re resting at night, your listing will continuously be available online.

The playing field is level

Selling your products in big shopping centres may be hard when you’re focused on selling at a physical shop, but with Amazon, any product has the same chance of selling. Whether you’re a well-known brand or a start-up business, being on Amazon evens out the playing field, as you can get the same customers that big brands do!

Stand out by focusing on customer support, and always be available to communicate and interact with customers if they have any enquiries.

It’s easy and convenient

Listing on Amazon is easy! No need for hard to follow instructions on setting up an account and posting a listing, that’ll take you days to figure out. Selling your product is just a click away and will not take much of your time. 

No need to continually post and repost your listing, unlike other ecommerce sites. You can even opt-in and participate in programs like Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), and they’ll handle shipping and customer service chores for you. This is specifically for American and UK sellers!

Includes a Global Payment option

Amazon makes it convenient for you to receive payment globally from your customers in different countries. By adding Payoneer as a payment solution in the seller central, sellers from  various locations can get easily paid. 

Sell from anywhere 

Whether you’re at home doing household chores, going on a long holiday with your family, or living overseas, doing business on Amazon is a breeze! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, as your listing on Amazon is being continuously posted on the website. 

Being fully location-independent gives you the flexibility to do your business from anywhere. You can easily grow your business with Amazon and sell your product even when you are on the road.

Great for testing new products

Looking to test the market for a new product that you want to sell? Amazon is the best ecommerce shop to do it! Amazon data will show you whether a product is in demand, and how much you can charge for it. 

is book selling on amazon worth it in 2020

Checking out what products customers are looking at, gives you an idea of which product you can list online that will sell. Getting this data will help you pick the right niche and product, especially when you’re planning to launch something  new. 

Create your very own Amazon account and start uploading your items so that everyone can get their hands on them! Stop procrastinating, and start selling your products on Amazon NOW!

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