How To Have A DIY Self Care Spa Day At Home: Complete Guide


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A Perfect DIY Self Care Spa Day At Home: The Complete Guide

In my last post, while listing some of the best things to do while stuck at home, I mentioned that an at-home spa day is an excellent way to get in some self-care, self-love, and even some much-needed pampering!!

We could all use some of that these days, am I right??!!

With these trying times, the need for self-care and prioritizing our emotional wellness is HUGE. And even as some states begin lifting stay at home orders, the emotional toll is and likely shall continue to weigh heavily on quite a few of us.

Now, if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression (which let’s face it, who isn’t at least a little right now), you might be surprised at how something as simple as a spa day can be quite therapeutic, and even, might I say, wonderfully magical for lifting your mood.

And given the fact that it may be a while before we can safely go to spas and get the services we are accustomed to receiving at them, is what makes right now a good time to consider creating your own spa day at home.

So, whether you’re in need of some seriously relaxing self-care time to cope with your current emotions or you’re interested in having the perfect, treat yo’ self spa-like experience at home, look no further…we’ve got the best tips, steps, DIY’s, and ideas to get you embracing your inner zen and loving yourself from head to toe!!

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The Benefits Of Trying A Spa Day At Home

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief: Just a few of our suggested relaxing at-home spa treatments & steps can help calm the mind.
  • Better Sleep: If you decide to try our Cleopatra bath treatment at night, you may find that it helps you to unwind for a better night’s sleep.
  • Alleviate Depression: A spa day at home can serve as a distraction and way to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Additionally, we have some ideas that could help with increasing seratonin…the “happy” hormone!!
  • Saves Money: Going to the spa can be exorbitantly expensive, which is why planning a spa day at home can help you feel pampered and treated whenever you want, without putting a major dent in your wallet.
  • Lastly, a spa day at home is an easy way to address any beauty concerns you previously haven’t had the time to get to like split ends, dull skin, cracked feet, and more!!

Planning An At-Home Spa Day: Steps For Success

When creating your at-home spa day, its best to get a little organized. Follow these next five steps, and you’ll soon be on your way to making the experience blissfully complete!

Step 1: Figure Out When You Want To Have Your Special, Pamper Day At Home

Decide on the best day and time for it. Evening, in the morning, during the afternoon?? Depending on your schedule, if you have kids, are working, or even working from home, take a minute to figure out when is an ideal chunk of time for your “at home spa session”!

Perhaps you’d like to do it with your mom, a sister, or your daughter?? Coordinate with one another and figure out when you both will be free.

calendar with text overlay spa day at home figure out when you want to have your special pampering day

Step 2: Pick Your Spa Day Treatments & At-Home Activities

Start thinking about what treatment you might want to try. Something for your hair, your body, your nails, your skin, perhaps??

Not sure?? Worry not, we’ve got a list of five fabulous spa treatments and activities you can pick & choose from listed further down in this article.

Step 3: Location, Location, Location!!

Where will you have your at-home spa day?? Would the bathroom work best, or perhaps your bedroom, maybe a room with a tv, or one where you can play some mellow music. Of course, this will depend on what spa treatment you decide to indulge in, but you can start thinking about spaces in your home that might work.

Step 4: Create A Spa-Like Atmosphere!!

One thing I love about spas (this is what actually makes them most successful) is how they know exactly what to use to engage our senses and quickly get us into that relaxed, stress-free, mental zone.

It can be broken down into an exact science when you think about it. Everything is designed to help you wind down the very second you walk in the door and check-in for your appointment… The process involves strategic scents (smell), sounds (hearing), comfort (touch), and taste!!

So if you really want to make your at-home spa day a realistic experience, the goal is to do the very same thing, and it’s easier than you think.

Here are some rather fun ways to go about it!!

woman relaxing a home in a robe with text overlay spa day at home create a spa-like atmosphere

Scents (Smell)

Ever wonder why you feel so rejuvenated after a spa session?? Sure that massage and all that pampering helped, but the aromatherapy also played a critical role in helping your mind & body to relax and release.

When it comes to scents, don’t underestimate the power of essential oils and a diffuser for this!! In fact, studies have shown that some oils impact our mood by stimulating the brain and serotonin (the “happy” hormone).

*You could also try aromatherapy candles if you prefer that instead.

The truth is a spa day just isn’t a spa day without a diffuser and essential oils. I can’t stress enough to you just how vital aromatherapy is for making your spa day complete. Incorporating your sense of smell into the experience can make a world of difference!!!

Check out our list of key essential oils commonly used in spas that you could consider using to create the most realistic spa-like atmosphere in your home.

  • Lavender– calming scent great for reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep
  • Eucalyptus – soothing, relaxing, & mind-clearing scent
  • Ylang-ylang – sweet aroma great for calming and reducing stress
  • Chamomile – calming scent and can help with depression
  • Orange – energizing, and mood-boosting
  • Bergamot – mood lifting
  • Lemongrass – soothing, uplifting, & anxiety-reducing
  • Rosemary – enhances focus and helps with depression
  • Peppermint – pleasing scent that can reduce stress and improve irritability
  • Cedarwood – calming scent for relieving stress and anxiety
  • Green Tea – relaxes your mind, while simultaneous enhancing focus
aromatherapy diffuser with text overlay spa day at home aromatherapy ideas

A few combinations you could try in a diffuser for a more customized, spa-like scent…

  • Lavender + Ylang-ylang
  • Cedarwood + Lavender + Orange
  • Lavender + Bergamot + Grapefruit
  • Green Tea + Lemongrass
  • Ylang Ylang +Chamomile + Lavender

PRO Tip: I’ve heard Burke Williams uses a combo of these oils for their signature scent…lavender, lemongrass, geranium, and eucalyptus.


To truly make your spa-like experience more authentic, you should consider finding some calming instrumentals and peaceful music to play. You could even try a meditation cd if you want to take this devoted wellness time to another level.


Depending on your treatment and activities of choice, you may opt for PJs, sweats, a robe, fluffy slippers, or warm “just out the dryer” towels!! Grab whatever makes you feel cozy, comfy, or snug!!


What is your beverage of choice to relax or unwind?? Some calming herbal teas? A glass of wine?? Or maybe some infused “spa-like” water??

Infused water is the icing on the cake for creating a luxurious spa experience. Add some delicious fruit with mint leaves or try cucumbers with some lemon. And for a little extra zing, you can even use sparkling water!!

A Few Herbal Tea Options:

  • Chamomile
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Ginger Tea
grapefruit and mint infused water with text overlay spa day at home infused spa water

Step 5: Figure Out Everything You Need For Your Spa Day (Supplies & Essentials)

What do you need for an at-home spa day?

The answer will depend on two things…first, (Step 4) how you choose to create a spa-like atmosphere, and second, (Step 2) what you pick for your spa day treatments & at-home activities. Ask yourself these questions…

  • What will make it feel most realistic?
  • What will lift my mood, make me feel rejuvenated, help me to unwind, destress, or relax?
  • Are there any beauty concerns I have, or that have I been meaning to get to?

Now, as promised, to help you decide what you will do on your spa day, you can use the next list of 5 fabulous spa day treatment & at-home activities ideas. But also, to help with planning and determining what you need, we have a FREE Spa Day At Home Checklist you can use!!!

Get Our FREE Spa Day At Home Checklist!!!

Make sure you have everything you need to make your perfect spa day at home complete!!

At Home Spa Day Checklist


5 Fabulous Spa Day Treatment & At-Home Activity Ideas

1) Enjoy Some Bath Soaking Beauty Time!!

There is nothing like a relaxing bath to soothe your body, your mind, and give you super soft, smooth skin! You can add some bubbles, rose petals, bath bombs, or a few drops of essential oils. Light some candles, dim the lights, and get your beautifying soak on!!

*Note: Use essential oils along with a carrier oil like Jojoba.

A Few Bathing Beauty Options:

Jojoba, Chamomile, & Rose Bath Soak Recipe:

  1. Combine a tablespoon of Jojoba Oil, three drops of Chamomile, and four drops of Rose Oil in a bowl.
  2. After filling your tub, turn off your water and pour in oils from the bowl.
  3. Stir into the tub water.
  4. Then get in, sit back, and relax in this luxurious smelling bathing experience!
woman doing a bath soak with text overlay spa day at home ideas

2) Try Face Steaming & A Face Mask

Before steaming, you want to always start with a clean face. So wash your face with a gentle cleanser in lukewarm water, removing makeup, dirt, sweat, and oil.


  • Boil a pot of water.
  • Once boiled, add the water to a heat-safe bowl.
  • Add one to two drops of Rose Hip Seed Oil.
  • Next, drape a towel over your head and move your face, so it’s a few inches from the water (don’t get so close that it burns).
  • Relax and breathe deeply in while the steam opens your pores (approx. 10 minutes).
  • Next, apply a face mask (PRO TIP: clay masks work very well after steaming).


Now, another more simplified option is to use a face steamer designed to work along with essential oils like this one. In this case, my suggestion is to add some Rose Hip Seed Oil to the built-in aromatherapy basket. Then after steaming, you would apply your face mask.

woman applying a face mask with text overlay spa day at home ideas try face steaming and a face mask

3) Treat Your Locks To Some TLC With A Hair Mask

Whether your hair is dry and damaged or you simply want to keep it healthy, soft, and silky, a hair mask is an ideal treatment to try!! And, the best thing about hair masks is that they’re excellent for multi-tasking. You can apply one, then watch a movie or move on to another beauty treatment while it soaks in.

A Few Hair Mask Options:

  • Unbeatable Shine Mask: R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque – A Beauty Award-Winning mask that uses Coconut Oil, Murumuru Butter, Olive Oil, Pequi Oil, & Abyssinian Oil to nourish and moisturize hair for a larger than life, “lights, camera, action” TV ready glossy shine!!
  • Dry, Brittle Hair Mask: I love this one by OGX for a little once a week pick-me-up for my hair!! It leaves it incredibly soft and healthy-looking every time I use it. This mask uses argan oil and silk proteins to repair and moisturize your tresses.
DIY Hair Masks Recipes Guide

4) Give Yourself A Pedicure & Soak Your Tired, Achy Feet

This is one of my go-to spa night routines!! You can do this while watching a movie or catching up on Netflix’s latest shows, so long as you have the right portable soaking tools!! If not, you can simply use your tub. Now, grab your robe, a favorite beverage, and submerge those heels & toes, Beauties!!

  • Remove your old polish using a cotton ball with nail polish remover.
  • Add hot water with bath salts to a foot spa or simply use your tub!!
  • Try to soak 15-30 minutes.
  • After a good long soak, time for that smoothing with a pumice stone or foot file (this one is by far the best one I’ve ever used)!!
  • Grab your clippers and file… clip and shape away!!
  • Dip once more in the water and then dry with your towel.
  • Now massage in some lotion for as long as you’d like.
  • Using a cotton ball with some alcohol, remove any lotion from the surface of your nails (this will help when applying your polish).
  • Put on your toe dividers/separator.
  • Start with a base coat.
  • Next, apply your sexy nail polish (2 coats, let dry a few minutes between). You can use a wooden cuticle stick to fix any issues with color that falls outside the nail edges and to clean the lines.
  • Last, add a top coat!!
woman's feet in soapy water

5) Try An Exfoliating Body Scrub & Apply Some Body Oils

Using an exfoliating body scrub can be a wonderfully rewarding treatment that is incredibly easy to do from home. You can brighten up your complexion, increase circulation, and ultimately give yourself a radiant, healthy glow. Then if you follow it with lovely body oils, you can add some extra softness to that unbeatable glow factor!

Here are steps along with some tips for getting the most out of this kind of treatment…

  • Start in the shower using warm to hot water without the scrub for about 5 to 10 minutes. Just relax and let the water soften your skin.
  • After 5-10 minutes of the water trickling down your skin, turn off the running shower.
  • Now, take the exfoliating scrub and apply it to your damp skin. You want to exfoliate by gently moving in a circular motion using very soft pressure. Work from the neck down, or if you prefer, you can go from the toes up, just don’t forget to hit any trouble spots like the elbows or back of the thighs.
  • Once done, turn the shower back on and rinse off with warm water.
  • When you get out the shower, lightly pat your skin dry with a towel but allow your skin to remain still slightly damp.
  • Immediately apply your body oil while the skin is still slightly damp (this helps to seal in additional moisture).
  • Grab your rob, sit back, and drink some tea or your infused spa water you made earlier! Let the oil absorb into your skin as you relax.

A Few Body Oil Options:

DIY Body Scrub Recipe:

  1. Measure out a 1/2 cup of Brown Sugar, 1/4 cup of Coarse Sugar, 1/3 cup of Jojoba Oil, 1/2 tablespoon of Honey, & 1/8 teaspoon of Orange Essential Oil.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until consistently mixed together.
  3. You can then store your scrub in a container like this until you are ready for your shower.

*For this recipe, if you find you need more, you can double up on the measurements. Also, if you find the scrub to be too thick, add more Jojoba Oil. If you find the scrub to be too thin, add in more sugar.

woman applying a body scrub to her shoulder with text overlay spa day at home ideas diy body scrub recipe

Spa Day Add-On

One last addition you may opt to try for your day of beauty would be a treatment for your eyes using cucumbers like this one here, or one using tea bags like this. You could play some music, lay back, de-stress, and soothe your puffy, tired eyes!!

The Wrap Up!!

Well, Beauties, I hope you take some time this week and give yourself a little treat with an at-home spa day!!

You certainly don’t have to do all the treatments suggested; it’s totally up to you how many you decide to indulge in. But I definitely recommend getting a little creative and planning your spa-like atmosphere using your senses.

Steps 2 and 4 will be vital in taking your at-home spa experience from a “meh” one to an “I feel like a brand new woman, let me revel in my new Aphrodite goddess vibe” kind of one. So use Our FREE Spa Day At Home Made Easy Checklist to help you plan and figure out what you need. Enjoy your pampering time, Beauties!!!

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