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Illustration of the magical Elder tree

Elderflower hydrosols carry a magical undertone with their softly floral and delicate aroma. Elderflower is rooted in folklore, with associations to faeries and fantastical elements. Let’s explore the lore surrounding the Elder plant and the benefits of Elderflower Hydrosol.

Origins and History of Elderflower

Elderflower hydrosol is distilled from the ancient Elder tree, a tree sacred to the Druids. Even the botanical name, Sambucus caerula, sounds mysterious! In the Celtic tree calendar, Ogham, the Elder represents the 13th month, the month of the winter solstice. The solstice is a time of transition between light and dark, death and rebirth. She has long been associated with the fairy world and Elder is considered to be a plant of the faerie land. It is believed that wood spirits and elves make their home in her roots

Elder grows almost anywhere fast and has the ability to sprout new growth from seemingly dead wood,  so it is also known as the “tree of life”. Elder is known to be “the medicine chest of the country folk” for its remedial uses, such as improving immune health and combating allergies. 

Energetic Qualities of Elderflower Hydrosol

The energetic qualities of this hydrosol are “magical” to say the least.  The energetic properties of the oil, extract, and hydrosol are derived directly from the folklore and growth pattern of the plant or tree. So with that being said, here are some of the energetic qualities and condition that Elderflower can help you with:

  • Connection to the fairy and the angelic realm, so this hydrosol is awesome to use when doing ceremonies, meditations, and protection.
  • Gateway and connection to the natural kingdom.
  • Representative of death and rebirth, so it is very helpful when things are coming to an end and a new beginning is needed.
  • Helps open the psyche so that one can see things in a new and positive light
  • Helps us move through issues quickly, helping to speed emotional and psychic healing.
  • Helps cool anger and ground the spirit.
  • Assists in opening the heart in a protective way after a traumatic or abusive event.
  • Very supportive in times of transition and renowned for mental and emotional stress.

Elderflowers used to make Elderflower hydrosol

Therapeutic Qualities of Elderflower Hydrosol

But there is more!  Elderflower has some very powerful therapeutic qualities as well:

  • She is a gentle circulatory stimulant one can drink as a beverage to tone the venous system (See a clinical aromatherapist for directions, DO NOT just start chugging!)
  • Elderflower hydrosol is mildly diuretic and specific to assist the kidneys
  • She may help reduce pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, swollen joints, and acid deposits in tissues. Use a compress of Elderflower hydrosol on achy and pained areas of the body.
  • Elder is known to have distinctive immune-boosting properties (According to Suzanne Catty, “Take one teaspoon every hour at the first sign of a cold and you probably will never succumb to the infection.”)

As both spiritual and therapeutic protection surround you,  Elderflower hydrosol is like your own personal fairy in a bottle!


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